Well, this is interesting...

Google search - check the first entry...

BTW, I'm gonna get a new car soon. Looking at the 2003 Honda Pilots. They look groooovy. Anyone know anybody who owns one?

Posted by martin on 7/31/03 at 12:25PM • linkcomment (5)


That's an interesting feature you've added, Bryce. (Or was it Matt?) Have you noticed how all the ones from search engines are from searches about GoVeg.com?

Posted by brian on 7/29/03 at 7:45PM • linkcomment (7)

. . .

Did someone drop a pin?

Posted by brian on 7/29/03 at 5:07PM • linkcomment (6)

Bubba Ho-Tep

Kim just showed me the trailer for this on the Quicktime site. It's looks pretty cool. http://www.bubbahotep.com

"Based on the Bram Stoker Award nominee short story by acclaimed author Joe R. Lansdale, Bubba Ho-tep tells the "true" story of what really did become of Elvis Presley. We find Elvis(Bruce Campbell) as an elderly resident in an East Texas rest home, who switched identities with an Elvis impersonator years before his "death", then missed his chance to switch back. Elvis teams up with Jack(Ossie Davis), a fellow nursing home resident who thinks that he is actually President John F. Kennedy, and the two valiant old codgers sally forth to battle an evil Egyptian entity who has chosen their long-term care facility as his happy hunting grounds..."

It looks like it's doing a tour of indie theatres in the fall. I can't wait!

Posted by bryce on 7/26/03 at 12:23PM • linkcomment (3)

Homestarrunner in the news

If there was any question about Homestar Runner being part of pop culture its ended up in the Daily Candy email, a girly news site "For the latest need-to-know information about fashion, food and fun."

check it out

Posted by sean on 7/25/03 at 1:04PM • linkcomment (1)

The new bottom of the barrel

Though I can't say I'm surprised some people have been reduced to this web-browsing technique, it's still sad to hear there are enough people to make a news story out of it:

An Article

Posted by brian on 7/24/03 at 9:48AM • linkcomment (2)

More Compy Opinions...

Alright, so most people I've talked to recommend getting a Dell. Surfing their site, I put together the following:
Dimension XPS Series
2.8 GHz, 1GB Mem, 18-inch LCD (I'm tired of my 19-inch crt), 128MB ATI Radeon 9800, 80GB HD, DVD Rom drive, 'Free' CD burner (RW, 48/28/48), 1 Year warranty (I figure it will break before then if it is going to). Total price is 2499 (2500), and there is a 150 rebate, not factored into the price. So it could cost me about 2350.

Strange I don't see how many PCI slots it has... I need at least 1 for wireless access... Anyhow, any thoughts, feedback? Thanks!

Edit: Friend of mine suggested Alienware as a cheaper alternative... it's about the same price wise, but seems like a friendlier website for the technically enabled. Considering I actually know the difference between most of the components... Any advice appreciated. :-)

Posted by jeff on 7/24/03 at 8:43AM • linkcomment (2)

Old School Flash: Mario Bros.

http://www.videogamedc.com/Fan_F licks/SMB__ The_Fall_of_Luigi/smb__ the_fall_of_luigi.html

Check it out!

Edit: Man, the auto link feature is very bugged...

Posted by jeff on 7/23/03 at 7:23AM • linkcomment (4)

Me News (Best Kind!)

Found a room to rent. $500/mo, 9/1 through 12/31. In Santa Margarita (8 miles north on 101), and the house is PRISTINE. The guy is a recent 'Poly graudate - forestry major - and he bought it brand new, but would like some people to live in his two fair-sized guest bedrooms to lessen his payments.

Woohoo! Actually, getting housing in SLO is pretty easy, if you look during summer. I had to turn down another guy this morning who accepted my app an wanted to give me keys this afternoon. Felt kinda bad about that, actually, but business be business.

On an unrelated note, never, ever, ever pour out a bottle of red wine vinegar directly outside your only window. My room smells like a combination of feet and easter eggs.

Posted by martin on 7/22/03 at 9:05PM • linkcomment (5)

Ninja / File Thingy

Am I blind or did these disappear?

Posted by brian on 7/22/03 at 8:54PM • linkcomment (2)

The greatest spam ever

I got this message this morning. I'm drafting the plans to send right now. ;-)


I'm a time traveler stuck here in 2003. Since nobody here seems to be able to get me what I need (safely here to me), I will have to build a simple time travel circut to get where I need myself. I am going to need an easy to follow picture diagram for a simple time travel circut, which can be built out of (readily available) parts here in 2003. Please email me any schematics you have. I will pay good money for anything you send me I can use Or if you have the rechargeable AMD dimensional warp generator wrist watch unit available, and are 100% certain you have a (secure) means of delivering it to me please also reply. Send a separate email to me at: info@federalfundingprogram.com.

Do not reply back directly to this email as it will only be bounced back to you.

Thank You"

BTW, I think he's looking for Martin's watch.

Posted by bryce on 7/22/03 at 12:39PM • linkcomment (1)

New Compy Suggestions?

Alright, it's about time for the old dual 400 MHz IBM tower to be replaced (I've had it for 5 years). While it is possible to play WC3 on it, it does slow down at times (and I'd like to eventually play SWG). Since it looks like I can afford a new one, anyone have any suggestions? I'd like to keep it under 2 grand if possible, and I'd like: 2.0+ GHz, 1+ GB RAM, 128+ MB Vid card, 'big' hard drive, 'fast' bus. Not sure what qualifies as 'big' this second for hard drives (I hear 200+ GB drives are now available), or what bus speed machines have these days.

Anyhow, just thought I'd ask. Thanks for any tips!

Posted by jeff on 7/22/03 at 6:56AM • linkcomment (6)


House stuff - we found a cleaning lady who can come on Tuesday, the 29th. She charges $100 for the first 3 hours and $20 for each additional hour on move-out cleanings (her specialty, actually). She says an average move-out takes 4 hours.

These seems more than reasonable, in my experience. Are y'all interested in this? $120 (probably) split 4 ways is a measly $30 not to have to vacuum / scrub walls / clean toilets / mop floors / scrub stove / etc. We have a section in our lease that lists what needs to be done; I thought we'd just give that to her.

Note that this DOES NOT include professional carpet cleaning, which she recommends we get done separately AFTER she's done (so she'll have vacuumed and all). That'll probably be an additional $100 total. Also, we've yet to figure out the whole who-will-be-here-to-let-them-in-and-check-to-make-sure-they-did-a-good-job-and-give-the-keys-to-walt-with- the-receipt-for-the-maid-and-cleaners-as-specified-in-the-lease problem. But if I am able to get a lease starting on the 1st - as I think I just might - I may be able to just hang out in town and make sure everything gets done. Dunno; we'll figure it out.

Posted by martin on 7/21/03 at 4:50PM • linkcomment (4)

This is the coolest thing ever...

If they get opposable thumbs, it's all over for us!

Oh, and I'll stick a couple of unrelated-but-cool animations (watch them in order, named papillon*.wmv) in the file section, just to help test the new system. ^_^

Posted by martin on 7/20/03 at 8:24PM • linkcomment (1)

House Stuff mk3

Y'know, I just realized, I've got Matt McGee's figurines from when we played D&D on my shelf. Is he still in town? Did they come in some sort of case?

Also, Chris, we really need to know when you'll be back in town, in order to plan. I'll have a 14' truck on the 26th heading back to San Jose; if there's anything big you need moved in that direction, now's the time to speak up. Plus, we need to know when to schedule the carpet cleaner. I wonder how much it would cost to hire a maid to get cobwebs / clean bathrooms / mop kitchen / etc?

Posted by martin on 7/20/03 at 10:04AM • linkcomment (6)

Divine Request

Posted by martin on 7/20/03 at 8:27AM • linkcomment (1)


To anyone that thought I was too big of a geek... I give you GoVeg.com: http://www.ncbuy.com/news/wireless_news.html? qdate=2003-07-18&nav=VIEW&id=8TSYY314166030718

Now, this is funny without my comments, but here they are anyway.
  • "The-vegan-formerly-known-as Karin Robertson changed her name to the same as that of a vegetarian information website to encourage meat-eaters to become vegetarians."
    I'm convinced. Just keep me away from the guy named LightYourHairOnFire.com, because that might hurt.
  • It says "GoVeg.com says her mother worried at first what she would do if she got married, but GoVeg.com says her parents know how much animal rights activism means to her."
    First, with a name like GoVeg.com, this won't come up. Second, is this really her mother's biggest worry? Mine would have been "People will realize you're a complete nut job."
  • "23-year-old GoVeg.com, a Youth Project Specialist for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, says her new name is a great conversation starter."
    I would imagine it to be quite the conversation ender as well. "Your name is what? Ooooookay, freak."

Now, that said... any volunteers to change their name to MoreCooler.com?

Posted by bryce on 7/18/03 at 9:35PM • linkcomment (0)

"File Thingy"

Ok, I've added a cheap file uploader thing to the menu on the right there ("File Thingy.") You can upload files in there and also download them. (And delete them when the get old.)

I don't suggest posting links straight to the file in posts or comments as those are public viewable whereas the File Thingy is only viewable if you are logged in. (But the file download links themselves aren't protected directly.. hey, I did say "cheap!")

So have at it. I've put up the maestro thing just to make sure it works..

Posted by matt on 7/18/03 at 7:18AM • linkcomment (12)

Arrrr! It's driving me nuts!

Posted by martin on 7/17/03 at 5:42PM • linkcomment (4)


Eh, that was way too long, on second thought. If you're even vaguely interested in hearing me rant about an online store that pissed me off, click me.

Posted by martin on 7/17/03 at 5:25PM • linkcomment (5)

Its more cooler with the engine.

Got my truck back today.. runs great! The injection pump wasn't needed as the diesel tech didn't plug the old one in all the way, so that's cool.. saved $1,600 there.. (ugh..) Anyway, the thing runs great and much cooler too.. popped the hood and it looks like the turbo charger is missing on top of the engine.. nope, the new engines just have it off to the side which keeps the engine and turbo nice and cool.. The hood wasn't even warm after driving back here (a rarity before.) Still looks odd under the hood as it looks like its missing some major part or two from what it looked like before. *shrug* Newer is better. :)

So anyway, the truck is back in commission and that engine should last forever.. (it damn well better.. :)

Posted by matt on 7/17/03 at 5:19PM • linkcomment (3)


I'm still curious where the whole "Ninja" thing came from... (not the script, the name). Is there a reference I'm missing?

Posted by brian on 7/16/03 at 8:05PM • linkcomment (10)

Some things are funny..

News story link

In other news, my car's getting its fuel injector pump replaced also (costing more, of course..) which is the same damn thing replaced 3 yrs ago when I got it.. argh..

Bryce, you need some way of making this thing hack long URL's so they don't stick out the side or something. :)

Posted by matt on 7/16/03 at 3:23PM • linkcomment (6)

Housing stuff

Ok, I've called up the water co and having them stop it sometime on the 31st. They're sending the bill to my mailbox so that's cool. For the cable, we just need to run the equipment down to their office and pay the bill at that time to finish it off.

Posted by matt on 7/16/03 at 10:11AM • linkcomment (4)

The new legwarmer

... I mean laptop... how is your laptop, Martin?

Posted by brian on 7/16/03 at 7:51AM • linkcomment (4)

I think God's trying to tell me something..

Posted by matt on 7/15/03 at 10:44AM • linkcomment (8)


Posted by martin on 7/14/03 at 4:38PM • linkcomment (7)


Posted by matt on 7/14/03 at 2:53PM • linkcomment (4)

Housing stuff

Ok, Martin talked to Walt today regarding the house and stuff. We've got a number of some carpet cleaners.. We're leaving the washer and dryer for the next tenants (OK'd by Walt.) And he's going to have someone clean up the backyard for $100 from our security deposit (Ok by me unless someone actually wants to do the cleaning? :)

Anyway, I'm moving everything of mine out on the 24th and it sounds like Martin is doing the same on the weekend following. We're going to be getting rid of the following this week and next: couch, loveseat, coffee table, my desk, bunk-beds, dresser and Martin's desk. If anyone wants these, have at them.

Walt's going to have people come in on the 1st if possible, so we obviously need everything out by then and have the carpet cleaning done by then too. I think we're going to have to have someone here when they do that.

Posted by matt on 7/14/03 at 12:46PM • linkcomment (6)

I'd like to point out..

..that Martin did what I was given a lot of flack over near Cugini's. You know that sign that says right turn only and I thought it meant I couldn't turn left down at Broad? Well.. so did Martin so he went left (the wrong way) down the street. ;)

See, its not just me!! :)

Posted by matt on 7/14/03 at 8:03AM • linkcomment (6)


An MMORPG that we can all get into:


I don't know about you guys, but I'm in.

Posted by chris on 7/13/03 at 7:07PM • linkcomment (6)

Bryce: Suggestion

For morecooler.. once logged in, it would be nifty to have some sort of generic plug-in design so I can write stuff that you can use once logged in. Maybe create a "plugins" folder and look for all the php files in there to add to the screen you get once logged in (or menu on side) then when clicked, call a set function "exec_plugin" or something in that plugin php file and pass it the username/id or something..

My big thing is I want to write a file upload system so we can put files here (hell, maybe tie it in with forlop :) But I don't want to mess with your stuff on the site and you already have some session management and authentication stuff in place..

Posted by matt on 7/12/03 at 10:55AM • linkcomment (2)


Fyi, for everyone on vhub that hasn't had the spam filtered the last week.. seems plesk turned it off for me when the last restore was done.. anyway, fixed now.

Posted by matt on 7/12/03 at 8:06AM • linkcomment (1)

What time is it?

The server ... or something ... seems to be confused about what time it is. Does Matt need to install ntp?

vvvvvvvv Posted at 3:09am vvvvvvvvv

Posted by brian on 7/11/03 at 10:40PM • linkcomment (1)


This one is too more cool to just stick in my links (plus, don't know how long the vid will stay up). It's glass that's bulletproof from one direction, but allows you to fire THROUGH it from the other (it even reseals itself)!

A brief presentation on how it works is at the end of the demo vid below.

Article about the glass
Demo video

Website for the manufacturer w/more info

Posted by martin on 7/11/03 at 9:29AM • linkcomment (1)


Posted by matt on 7/11/03 at 7:23AM • linkcomment (1)

theTombs - up again!

Finally finished the real site, not that crappy one from before. Features include a full, looooong manual (with backstory and tasty chocolate bits) and a fully functional forum. So there can be 8 posts asking "Scruffy?" instead of 8 ICQs.


Posted by martin on 7/10/03 at 7:25PM • linkcomment (2)

Here's something cool...


This is very cool... Way too much fun with ping-pong.

Edit: Bryce, it didn't handle the '~' very well. Need to fix that :-).

Edit2: Apparently the link is now dead... So let's throw it up here :-).

Edit3: Bryce... adding a link with an edit does not auto link it either... You wanted me to find this stuff, right?

Posted by jeff on 7/10/03 at 10:56AM • linkcomment (4)


Spaced Out - The Very Best of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner


Posted by matt on 7/10/03 at 8:52AM • linkcomment (3)

More Cooler than what?

Well, I forgot about the whole "MoreCooler" thing and used the old icq thing. And, of course, as always happens with things on the internet, I am the last to hear about it. I send something interesting and appealing to my friends and what do I hear? "Oh, your other friend showed me that months ago, it was cool." Does everyone send things to each other but me? And, just to show how archaic I am, you can go to this link, which you have already seen, and gape open mouthed again.

something cool you already saw .

Posted by chris on 7/9/03 at 7:55AM • linkcomment (6)


Posted by matt on 7/8/03 at 6:58PM • linkcomment (1)

Car Go Boom Boom

Well.. The Matt-Mobile decided to stop working on my way back up to SLO on Monday. Turns out the engine has totally locked up, so I'm (*gasp*) without car for at least a week and half while a new engine (*cough* 9-grand *cough*) gets to be installed.. Guess nothing else can break now. :( Anyway, trucks down in Santa Barbara as it died about 30 mins north of there and they are the biggest dealership in the area..

Just driving along until some rattling started under the hood.. then it got louder within the mile, so as I pull onto the shoulder, the car dies (with a big bang and lots of black smoke), along with the power steering and breaks.. so I get out and notice the coolant leaking all over the road.. and I notice my cell phone has "No Service" in the middle-of-nowhere that I was at. Luckily some friendly folk saw the smoke and stopped behind me so I could call up AAA. Long story short, stayed at Brian's last night and got a call today regarding the damange.. never quite had that much to worry about before. It sucks as just buying another sub would be about the same amount, so might as well fix this one and get the new engine with its 3-yr warranty. And its going to take at least a week and half to fix it up.. Yup, fun week so far..

Posted by matt on 7/8/03 at 12:52PM • linkcomment (12)

Help, please

Chris and I are trying to get to the bottom of some weirdness with theTombs. It seems Firebird (pheonix) doesn't want to refresh. Could y'all try out the Play page with different browsers and see if it works? In particular, I want to make sure it properly loads the current version, 0.9.135, which should appear in the bottom left corner of the blue title page within the SWF file. This test will be particularly useful if any of y'all have been to that page before, as it is refreshing the cache that Firebird doesn't want to do.



I think I've got it fixed; Matt figger'd it out. I had PARAM pointing to one file, EMBED to another with different capitilization. Yet another casualty of the browser wars. Stupid thetombs.swf, why can't you be more like your brother, theTombs.swf? HE works on Netscape browsers.

Posted by martin on 7/7/03 at 7:53AM • linkcomment (1)

I can never think of a good title.

Here's an interesting bit of trivia. Much has been made recently of the US networks' plans to copy the BBC show "Coupling" with a crappy remake. But, I was watching a "Married with Children" marathon this afternoon, and in looking at its IMDB page, discovered they did the same thing, in reverse. "Married for Life" is a crappy British version of our beloved Married with Children. I'd be interested to see a few eps... Kazaa, here I come!

Posted by martin on 7/5/03 at 10:15AM • linkcomment (0)


I was watching the "first time here" animation on homestarrunner a minute ago, and I had a thought: could we register http://www.imabigmoronwhocantrememberhislines.com/ ? Is that even a legal domain name?

Posted by martin on 7/5/03 at 8:26AM • linkcomment (2)

A Dan, a clan, a canal: Canada!

Tonight, I am very angry at my parents. When naming a child, there are three things to consider:
  1. Will this name incur the teasing of others? Namely (pun intended), will your son Jennifer get beat up? Think of the effect you could have on little Eggbert's fragile psyche. This also includes considering the first name/last name combination. I do not know what was going on in the minds of the parents of Chris Columbus.

  2. What does the name mean? If you name your child Kennedy, you may be thinking John F. Try its origin of Cinnéidigh, the Gaelic name which means "misshapen head." Not so cool now, is it? Ask Ralph (wolf counselor) and Cameron (crooked nose) what they think of their names.

  3. Can this name be effectively used in a palindrome?

Rule #3 is where my anger originates. With the "rb" pairing (not to mention the "ecy" that precedes it), I am forever doomed. I will never be able to enjoy the sounds of friends yelling "Yo, Roy!" or the chants of "Bob bob bob!" What if I meet a woman named Norma? Will I be able to introduce myself by saying "Norma, I am Ron." No!

Interestingly, I feel this palindrome envy is the cause of the rising population. Those of us who are not blessed with a name fit for palindroming are resigned to become a simple "Dad" or "Mom". Not as exciting, but it is better than nothing, I suppose.

Just call me Dr. Awkward.

Posted by bryce on 7/4/03 at 8:10PM • linkcomment (2)

Happy Birthday

Well, happy birthday Matt. We didn't give you a surprise party or a car, but I hope it is still special. Though I did get you something, if you look up tonight, I had some fireworks arranged just for you. Now the whole "where you will be" was a little bit of a problem, but I think I got that covered.

Posted by chris on 7/3/03 at 8:00PM • linkcomment (7)

New Feature!

I see Bryce has been making use of his limitless free time by implementing things such as replying as the person who is logged in. Way to go!

Posted by brian on 7/3/03 at 6:56PM • linkcomment (0)

better than IM...

Who needs IM when we have a site like this?


Posted by brian on 7/3/03 at 3:28PM • linkcomment (1)

Hey Bryce..

You need something like this script here..


Posted by matt on 7/3/03 at 8:50AM • linkcomment (2)

Uh, oh...

Look out y'all, mother nature is pissed!

Posted by martin on 7/3/03 at 8:34AM • linkcomment (0)

Fun stuff.

In Google Home Page (www.google.com), type in the phrase "weapons of mass destruction" and hit the <I'm feeling lucky> option.

Posted by matt on 7/3/03 at 6:30AM • linkcomment (3)


I just noticed that when I scroll the page, the dotted line thingies on the right get all trippy and change to solid lines or like, other kinds of dotted lines and stuff. It's really freakin' me out. Whoooooah. 8-o

Posted by martin on 7/2/03 at 7:45PM • linkcomment (5)

theTombs is live!

Just went live with the first early version of the website. I'm proud to state that I'm almost 100% content-free! ^_^ At lest, however, theTombs.com is no longer just a direct link to the game.

Odd side-note: google has already spidered theTombs.com somehow. And it DIDN'T get it from morecooler, as morecooler hasn't been spidered yet. It's like google is some sort of super site-ninja.

Posted by martin on 7/2/03 at 5:48PM • linkcomment (6)

I got the Warcraft III Exp... two days ago :-)

Well, it was Monday night. The game came out on the 1st and I saw on Blizzard's site they were having two "events" around midnight. One of them was 3 miles from my friend's place. So I managed to convince my friend to go. For our troubles (translated: waiting in line) we got a free T-shirt and poster ('signed' by the dev team). Pretty neat. I've only played a couple missions so far (single player), but I plan on playing it alot more :-).


Oh, I just forgot to post this yesterday. I was up late that night and it slipped my mind yesterday.

Posted by jeff on 7/2/03 at 4:25AM • linkcomment (2)

Stupid library

Brian, you're off the hook. The library found the book. Finally. So I'm now the unhappy owner of a copy of the book. Whoop-de-freakin-doo! On a happier note, Kim's making cheesecake. She said that if I'm lucky, she might even cook it. Martin, should I save you a sli... er, a puddle of pie?

Posted by bryce on 7/1/03 at 4:53PM • linkcomment (9)

Well, fuck.

Eric ain't interested in the house. Would have been too far for Matt to bike, among other concerns. Turns out he was waiting for us to call him on his cell phone, unaware we didn't have the number (finally got up with him at home, thanks to Jeff).

Guess I gotta tell Walt, then. And now both Josh and Eric have flaked on me; I'm going to be homeless. Bloody hell.

Posted by martin on 7/1/03 at 3:57PM • linkcomment (3)

More Cal Poly BS..

Posted by matt on 7/1/03 at 4:57AM • linkcomment (2)

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