To anyone that thought I was too big of a geek... I give you qdate=2003-07-18&nav=VIEW&id=8TSYY314166030718

Now, this is funny without my comments, but here they are anyway.
  • "The-vegan-formerly-known-as Karin Robertson changed her name to the same as that of a vegetarian information website to encourage meat-eaters to become vegetarians."
    I'm convinced. Just keep me away from the guy named, because that might hurt.
  • It says " says her mother worried at first what she would do if she got married, but says her parents know how much animal rights activism means to her."
    First, with a name like, this won't come up. Second, is this really her mother's biggest worry? Mine would have been "People will realize you're a complete nut job."
  • "23-year-old, a Youth Project Specialist for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, says her new name is a great conversation starter."
    I would imagine it to be quite the conversation ender as well. "Your name is what? Ooooookay, freak."

Now, that said... any volunteers to change their name to

Posted by bryce on 7/18/03 at 9:35PM • linkcomment (0)

"File Thingy"

Ok, I've added a cheap file uploader thing to the menu on the right there ("File Thingy.") You can upload files in there and also download them. (And delete them when the get old.)

I don't suggest posting links straight to the file in posts or comments as those are public viewable whereas the File Thingy is only viewable if you are logged in. (But the file download links themselves aren't protected directly.. hey, I did say "cheap!")

So have at it. I've put up the maestro thing just to make sure it works..

Posted by matt on 7/18/03 at 7:18AM • linkcomment (12)

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