Declaration of Revocation

John Cleese wrote this right after Bush got elected again. Reposted as the first comment...

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Some flash stuff

Here, look what I found:

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And this is really funny

I don't know how many of you read 8-bit theater, but the author of that strip had a really funny Superman-related idea (the first post below the comic). I reposted it in the first comment.

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Space Tree

Has anyone seen this?

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Best... Shape... Ever...

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Tell us about the new place Matt.....

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Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a great 04, here's to an even better 05!

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Really Funny,

But really long.......

(and probably only for Jeff)

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Popular Mechanics 1954

The photo is actually a hoax. Before being modified, the photo was originally of the control room in a nuke sub trainer.

If you want to see it, go to the link.

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Insert Title Here

This comic from Penny Arcade describes my weekend. Just remove the "III" in the title.

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Happy Birthday Jeff!

Jeff turned 21 again on Thursday, and we went to TGIF on Saturday. Would have told y’all earlier but I was busy Sunday. Now that it is Monday, I have time at work to make a quick post. I hope someone else posts something here by tomarrow or Wednesday.

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Sean and I saw one of the kiosks mentioned here at Valleyfair. I was going to look it up, but... you know... forgot and all.

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Just great....


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Really Small Text

Those new spam messages have the smallest font size I have ever seen….. Text that size could make some nice ASCII art, wouldn’t it? Anyone want to try?

Give me some credit, originally I made the whole post this size :)

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One guy at Penny Arcade had a contest for winning a copy of Pikmin 2. People had to make up a new type of Pikmin and draw it or something. You can see all the entries here, but the best one is this collection of rejects.

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On Chickens....

Why did the chicken cross the road? Depends on who you ask.

This is probably old, but what the whoo....

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This was such a great movie. For those of you who have seen it, you should check out the imdb trivia page for it. Lots of good stuff there.

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Yay! Blackout on August, whats my prize?

This is the first month that we have a post on every day. The closest we ever came before was February.

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Robot Dogs don't like eating Frozen Ducks. Not so much, no.

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World of Warcraft

Not that it is that big a deal, but I got in to the stress test. It will be just me... and about 8 bajillion other people. But YAY I will get to play the beta... really, really slowly... and for only a week. I am still happy.

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Silent Hill 4

Anyone who doesn't want the first 3 - 5 minutes of the game spoiled, don't read the comment. It isn't that much of a spoiler, but I figured I should say this anyway.

Edit: By the way, of course I am not playing the game two weeks before it comes out. That would be impossible.

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I told myself that I would not read up on this new Grand Theaft I told myself that I would not read up on this new Grand Theft Auto before it came out. I liked it how I didn’t even really know about Vice City till I saw it in Best Buy. Anyway, it didn’t last, and I have now read all I could. Of all the new and exciting features being added to the third third GTA, I think the best would have to be the ability to swim. No longer dying on contact with water is a great ability for a character to have. You would think the other ones – who lived on islands I might add – would have picked up this incredible skill.

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Ren & Stimpy

I just found all of this great show. Did you know that the guy who does the voice of Fry and Farnsworth from Futurama did Stimpy as well? He even did Zim once, Martin. I will put the files in the thingy if anyone is interested.

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Edit: Wow, I just went on and on. If you don't care about my ravings, just ignore this.

Re-Edit: Um, without the post, this looks like the ravings of a drug addict. I meant the game, not analgesics.

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My guess

is that Matt already knows about this.

Edit: I was right...

Serves me right for using a newspaper.

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I was watching some of the Olympic fencing, and the editing is quite funny. They just cut to the touches. So a match lasts about 10 seconds, just touch -snip- touch -snip- touch. Wish I could do that.

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Spam Spam Spam

When are we going to get the comment protection?

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Wow, someone actually made a game where the chief mechanic is throwing a baseball at your television. Sure there is an elastic strap, but would you trust that?

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It's fRiDaY tHe tH1R733|\|74 !

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Crimson Land

This is a fun game from the people who brought you Starscape. For all of you not Sean, Starscape was that fun game with the space ships shooting aliens and asteroids to get resources and move on the RTS map. Any way, I put the demo in the thingy, or you can get it here.

Edit: As I look again, I don't think Moonpod has anything to do with Crimson Land. Nevermind. Still a cool game though.

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This is probably the single stupidest or smartest thing I have ever seen. I don’t know which. It was on Slashdot today, maybe you saw it?

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Hitchhiker’s Guide

I am reading The Salmon of Doubt now, and it mentioned a text-based Infocom game of Hitchhiker’s Guide. I had never heard of this, so I went and found it (requires WinFrotz). It is interesting, if not completely impossible. Anyone who can beat it without looking to a walkthrough has my respect. Heck, just finishing the thing; I think I just ran out of patience.

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Would it be possible to put up an archive for the shoutbox. There have been some, albeit rare, really funny moments of... well... shouting that some of us may wish to relive.

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Family Guy

Wow, I think this show wins the award for being canceled more than any other. They are bringing it back again... again. Just to show that there were no hard feelings that last few times, they are showing the best episodes -- episodes which got the show canceled I might add -- in mini-marathons. Goes to show what really high DVD sales can do.

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Doom 3 review.

I think this review is pretty funny. Don't read it if you don't want some minor spoilers.

I did enjoy the game, but I must admit that it is only as good as you let it be. If you want to be scared by it, it will scare you. But you could also just as easily walk through the game without jumping once.

I put the full text in the first comment. I must say, this is The Biggest Comment Ever-ver-ver-ver.

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Funny, but disturbing

You should check out this funny roll-playing game. Better yet, check out his hate mail. Look to the thingy.

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I don't know how long this[] will be on their front page, but see it while you can.

Or check out the jibjab file in the thingy.

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Peasant's Quest

I got 133 points, what about you? Here.

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Stop Spam

I finally figured out how to stop my spam. I just noticed that my spam isn’t addressed to me. I guess I always knew this, but I realized that none of my spam is to my address and all the email I do care about is to me. This simple filter has removed 99% of my unwanted email. Just thought I would mention it.

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Gratuitous Post on State of PC Gaming

Really ridiculously long rant in which few of you will be interested in first comment.

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I like this....

Time flies like the wind.
Fruit flies like bananas.

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I don't know what to title this.

700k isn't big enough for me to get yelled at, is it?

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I found this really interesting riddle place. Some of them are interesting, some of them are, well, bad.

Case in point, I was going to put one of the riddles here, but I couldn't find one. Maybe you can?

And yes, there is a riddle 450.

Maybe I will add one of my favorite riddles...

"In cubic feet, how much dirt is in a hole 3 feet long, 3 feet deep, and 3 feet wide?"

And Martin, the English major, better get this one right: "Which is correct to say, 'The yolk of the egg are white' or,'The yolk of the egg is white'?"

(answers in comments)

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Cheat Commandos

Wow, you can almost see the guys who do Homestarrunner sitting around with hundreds of the little figurines, playing with them. Imagine the battles one could have...

They would be fun to have as neighbors.

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I am being completely flooded with spam, ever since I signed up for my health insurance. It seems that the assassin has been killed, as he/she/it rarely does anything anymore. Any ideas guys(Brian)? While some of these are sort of funny, I am not Steve, as the drug companies think I am.....

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Did you know that if you use a digital monitor with the DVI output from a video card, you get a major performance increase? It seems to be about 20% faster all around, not to mention crisper. I guess it took quite a few gpu cycles to convert the digital signal into an analog one.

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Well, I guess none of us knew which one was which really. I thought that my hard drives would be striped, but then I saw that they were RAID 0. But then I look at the software config for my RAID support, and it says striped 16k. So then I look it up.

Turns out RAID 0 means no redundancy. So appended or striped in any combination would be RAID 0.

RAID 1 is mirroring, RAID 2 isn't used.

RAID 3 is the one with 4 drives, 3 striped and one parity.

RAID 4 is RAID 3, only with blocks instead of bytes.

RAID 5 is like RAID 4, only there is no dedicated parity drive, it is distributed.

RAID 6 is RIAD 5, only double parity.

RAID 7 is confusing.

Then you can nest these into more complex systems. But anyway, back to my point... was there a point? Anyway. Martin, they didn't mess up your brothers drive, RAID 0 just has no protection, but all the speed benefits.

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Wow, google really can do everything. I haven't looked at this too much yet, but seems like a nice place to start.

Makes you wonder how the Google AdWords factor into this one, doesn't it?

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The Adventures of Angry Bob

I don't know how many of you get "Pearls Before Swine" in your daily paper, but sometimes, they are really funny. See the one I scaned in the thingy. It is mostly text, so that part is in the first comment.

Few comics have made me laugh out loud so much.

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Something about the Simpsons you didn't know? Something you want find out? Then go here. A fun place to pass some time at the least.

Oh, and thanks, Bryce :)

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Guild Wars

This is a MMORPG that will, supposedly, be free. No initial purchase, no monthly fee. It is made by the people who left blizzard after making Diablo 1 & 2. Did I mention it will be free? Anyway, they are having a first demo at E3, and they are allowing anyone who downloads the 62k client to join in. Will it work? I don't know, but it's free.

I don't even see how they could have so many people on a once, without the "official beta test" most of these online games get. It is only an alpha, so that might give them an excuse. Or maybe it will be all small, instanced locations with few people in each. Hmmm....

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Jade is the java successor to Adom. Thomas Biskup, the writer, never wanted to release any of the source code for Adom. But, since he is writing Jade in Java, he has posted the java docs. Its a fun read.

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Senior Project

Well, looks like someone beat us to it. Too bad, we were so close....

Looks like Honda is actualy using it.

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Ok, this is weird

I know how almost any search will eventualy turn up porn, but the other way around? Look at our most recent referals? Whats going on here? Do one of you have something stored here the rest of us should know about?

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Three cool things I found.

The first is a side scrolling shooter called Tumiki Fighters. It is like any other space shooter, only your ship is a kind of Tetris piece and, when you knock pieces off your enemies, you can add them to your own. It is pretty trippy.

The next is called kkrieger (not a type-o, I swear). It is a first person shooter in 96k. Now, the slashdot people knocked it for using DX9, which is 20 megs, but I figure if I don't have to download it, it doesn't count.

And one of the best puzzle games I have played in a while is Deadly Rooms of Death. It is a really well thought out game, and very... um... dastardly.

These things can be gotten from the usual place.

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For those of you who watch the Daily Show, this won't be news, not that anything there ever is, but... Anyway, American Express has done some commercials with Jerry Seinfeld and Superman. You all know that Seinfeld has always liked Superman, and now he gets to do a "full-length commercial" with The Man of Steel (got tired of typing Supe... almost got me there). It is only 5 minutes long, and pretty funny. Oh, and just ignore the surprisingly few plugs for an American Express card.

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More stuff about Japan

I don't know how many of you read Penny Arcade regularly, but they posted a funny link today that I think you will all get a kick out of. An English teacher in Japan gave his students blank copies of Penny Arcade cartoons and had the students fill them out. Some are quite... um... strange.

Posted by chris on 4/5/04 at 10:01AM • linkcomment (2)

You really want to download it

Yes you do, and don't deny it.

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Best Demo Ever

The people at Homestarrunner sure know what makes a good demo. Go to their store and click on the Cheat doll demo. Now tell me, isn't that what you would want to know before you purchased a product?

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It is 10:10 AM, do you know where you car keys are?

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``A well-written program is its own heaven; a poorly-written program is its own hell.''

I found this while searchinig for some Unix stuff on the web:

The Tao Of Programming

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Weird Watches

Of the three sites that an MSN search returns for "weird watches" and sale, we are two of them! Watching that referrals thing is fun.

Oh, and Martin ranks 4th on a Taiwanese google search for supercosplay. hehe

And how did we get this one?

Posted by chris on 2/10/04 at 7:10AM • linkcomment (0)

Only Martin will care about this post.....

I got the TotRR. Thank you.

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My GBA cartridge

My gameboy cartridge broke. The gameboy itself fell to the floor, and I noticed a “rattling” sound coming from the card. I opened it up and found a really, really small…. thing. Now, not being Sean, I had no idea what the heck this thing was. But I was able to put those long nights Sean spent on his senior project to good use, thanks Sean. When I was bored from playing games or, god forbid, doing work, I would watch what Sean was doing, because it was interesting, at least to someone who didn’t have to do it. Now however, I have a broken game cartridge, and these two disparate worlds come crashing together.

So I come to the conclusion that a new one of these things will cost over $100, whereas a soldering iron and some solder will only cost about $10. What the heck, I will try it. I notice a little “c” next to the broken part of the circuit board, so I guess (again, thanks Sean) that it is a capacitor, considering all the little things that look sorta like the broken one have either a “c” or an “r” next to them. I picked up just enough to remember that capacitors have a + and a – side, so I try see what direction this thing should go, but I can’t tell, so again, I guess.

My first attempt at soldering this thing in there works great, but then putting the top of the case back on I notice that it won’t fit as well as before because of my not-so-neat job. The problem here is that I noticed because there was a lot of resistance to my pushing, and then I heard a “crunch.” That was the capacitor, breaking in half. “Whatever,” I say, “it probably wasn’t _really_ needed anyway.” So I just solder the two pieces as best I can (which isn’t all that “best”) and file down the edge of the case using all my previous “mad GBA modding skillz.” Next I slap it in the reader, and it works!

I was ecstatic. I actually fixed something… with solder. I have no idea how that capacitor works, but it just looks like a little piece of clay, so I guess the actually capacitor stuff is inside, or something. If anyone knows, speak up. Just thought you guys would like to hear this.

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Hey Matt...

You, and your evil pop-up making skills, could help. Think that there could be a way for new Shout-Box messages to be made as pop-ups or some such *wiggles fingers* eeeeeevil thing to those of us logged on?

Posted by chris on 2/6/04 at 7:00AM • linkcomment (0)

Thanks Martin..... (use "green" instead of "box")


Posted by chris on 2/4/04 at 10:14AM • linkcomment (6)

What are you up to now Martin?

Just curious as to what you were doing? Where are you, what's up?

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Pigs on Head

I got 138, what about you?

Posted by chris on 2/3/04 at 8:03AM • linkcomment (8)

Happy Birthday Juanita!

Well, I guess the subject says it all... We (Sean, Andrea, Jeff, and I) are having a little party for Juanita tomorrow for those of you not in the uber-cool bay area. (how do I do umlauts in html anyway?)

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Maybe one of y'all can help me...

I am at work and I do not have admin access. I found a nice preview of Splinter Cell 2 from penny-arcade, but it is in quicktime format. As you know, one can't view that without the install. Even other programs, like irfan viewer, will only play them if it is installed. Do any of you know of a way for me to see this without having to install anything or... you know.... wait till I go home, because this is really "important" for me to see.....

Anyway, I was thinking of maybe another wonderful MoreCooler plugin which allows the viewing of drag and drop quicktime files. Sound like a fun diversion for any of you out there?

Posted by chris on 1/30/04 at 6:11AM • linkcomment (3)

OK, this will be "fun"

Everybody, just comment with the first thing that comes to mind. Post early, post often. Let's see what crazy things happen. That, and it should be entertaining to read....

Posted by chris on 1/26/04 at 7:16AM • linkcomment (18)

Very Bad Thing

I don’t know how many of you read GameSpot, but they can be interesting at times, if not just a little biased.... But anyway, I have always found the bad reviews to be more fun than the good ones for two reasons. (1) they are entertaining and (2) they don’t make me buy anything.

So today I look at it and there is a review for a game called "Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing" which has a whopping score of 1, the lowest possible. I suggest you read it, it is really funny. It turns out that the "racing" is supposed to be you in a big rig with cargo trying to outrun the cops. But the trucks are only cabs, so they don’t have cargo. There also aren’t any cops, or anything around. Well, there is the other truck, the one you are supposed to race against. But it doesn’t move, or do anything really, so it doesn’t exactly count. None of the terrain actually acts like terrain, you go right over hills as if they were flat. Trees, bushes, buildings and bridges are intangible, not that it matters because you can go down and through whatever the bridge was going over. There are no level boundaries so you can go off to limbo freely.

But the best part is when I went to go look at the company who made it. First, the publisher is a company called GameMill, which doesn’t have a website, press release or anything actually to have Google tell it. The developer is called Stellar Stone, and they are much more interesting. They offer "from scratch development of video games" and other such services for a fraction of the cost because they do everything in Russia. Only half of their website has content, and most of it is repetitive. But the kicker is the support page, where they have a patch for Big Rigs. It is called "Big rigs: Over the road racing Patch 1.0". Think about that for a second. When have you ever seen an "upgrade" for a game that was marked 1.0? (and Martin, don’t mention ADOM, ok?) Makes you wonder what the retail version is.

There is also a pretty funny reader review at GameSpot, I also suggest reading it. And as you can probably tell, I do not have any work yet, so I can write a really long post about almost nothing. This is fun....

Posted by chris on 1/20/04 at 7:16AM • linkcomment (4)


There have been so many posts "about something" that I felt we needed one that didn't have anything to do with anything. Unfortunately, this post is about just that, so I guess I failed. Any way, feel free to respond however you want to this post, it should be fun. Just don't use that "C" word, I have been informed that those security people don't have much of a sense of humor.... So Bryce, could you edit those posts to "bleep" them out so I don't feel bad visiting this site? Sean will agree :)

Posted by chris on 1/14/04 at 2:12PM • linkcomment (6)

From my Office

Yay, I have a job. And I am in my office right now. Very happy.... 8 hours of orientation, but no essays, *phew*

Posted by chris on 1/12/04 at 2:50PM • linkcomment (6)

Merry Christmas!

I hope all of you have a great holiday... er... festivities. I would hate to offend anyone.

Posted by chris on 12/25/03 at 6:48AM • linkcomment (1)

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Well, let me just start off saying this game is awesome. I had a real ball with it -- for one evening. Very fun, very short. “Good pacing” is the friendly way to say it, which basically means “thanks for not boring me.”

But here’s the rub. The X-Box version of this game comes with a whole host of extras: Prince of Persia 1, 2 & 3D, making of movies, interviews and some remade level of PoP1 in the new engine. So that’s what they put on the console, guess what they put as extras on the PC? Nothing, zip, nadda. I read someone’s justification for this, it was that the PC version costs $10 cheaper than the X-Box one, but that means you are ‘buying” the original PoP’s, which is wrong.

And one more thing: Beyond Good and Evil is what Zelda: Windwaker was supposed to be. It has the boat, the “sword” and the camera. Only this boat has rocket boosters. There, I said it, flame away.

Posted by chris on 12/13/03 at 7:40AM • linkcomment (5)

Liquid War

This is an awesome little game that looks very simple at first, yet actually involves a lot of strategy. You and your "liquid" army have to fight off the opponents by surrounding them. It's small, fun, multiplayer and hard for me to describe. So just try it out, OK?

Oh, and remember those XiaoXiao stick figure movies? Well, the next one is not quite as passive....

Posted by chris on 11/1/03 at 7:35AM • linkcomment (2)

Worms 3D demo is out! (sorta) (for real)(or not)

You can grab the torrent in our files section.

Just an unofficial leaked demo though, still, I am happy.

If this works on your PC, tell me. As far as I can tell, it is missing a file which should be on the worms3D website, but now I can't get there.

Now the site is fully down, whatever. I am getting tired of working on this.

Ok, for real now, you can get the demo at there website

"please note These demos are not compatible with pre-Athlon® XP processors." Whatever, now I don't even want to play it anymore.

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Got the deposit back

Well, Walt sent me a letter with a check, made out to Christopher Crame. Thats the same guy who went to my high school, but never went to class. Paid my tuition though....

Anyway, we only got back $1,400 as he had to re-clean the house. He explains.

To read the full letter, see the first comment.

Posted by chris on 8/20/03 at 9:48PM • linkcomment (10)

Yey Another Diversion

You guys remember Stair Dismount? Well, here's the upgrade! Well, not "here" exactly, but more like "over there, under the file thingy."

My high score is 68,935.

Wow, it is also fun to throw the guy over the wall, not a high score, but entertaining.

Posted by chris on 8/10/03 at 7:14AM • linkcomment (1)


An MMORPG that we can all get into:


I don't know about you guys, but I'm in.

Posted by chris on 7/13/03 at 7:07PM • linkcomment (6)

More Cooler than what?

Well, I forgot about the whole "MoreCooler" thing and used the old icq thing. And, of course, as always happens with things on the internet, I am the last to hear about it. I send something interesting and appealing to my friends and what do I hear? "Oh, your other friend showed me that months ago, it was cool." Does everyone send things to each other but me? And, just to show how archaic I am, you can go to this link, which you have already seen, and gape open mouthed again.

something cool you already saw .

Posted by chris on 7/9/03 at 7:55AM • linkcomment (6)

Happy Birthday

Well, happy birthday Matt. We didn't give you a surprise party or a car, but I hope it is still special. Though I did get you something, if you look up tonight, I had some fireworks arranged just for you. Now the whole "where you will be" was a little bit of a problem, but I think I got that covered.

Posted by chris on 7/3/03 at 8:00PM • linkcomment (7)


Well, we all walked. And now no one is posting. Is this a bad sign?

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What is a hookie you ask? Well, I don't know. You guys tell me. Best one wins... something, lets see... I found a used post-it note, and two pennies. That's all I got, so get started!

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More New Features ... er

I think that one of the things that would really make this site great would be a ......

(wait for it)......

Spell Cheker! I mean spell cheacker, spell checre, well, you know what I mean.

And I guess a grammar checker would be nice too, but then again any one coming to a site called "more cooler" shouldn't expect too much in that regard.

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Tell me about it

All I know is that the only thing people enjoy more than fawning over their favorite celebrities is berating them publicly. Why? I think so because it is safe; for many of the reasons that you mentioned. Who is easier to disagree with: a scholar who actualy knows things, or Eminem? The public puts these people on a pedistal for being different and special, but then expects them to act and think like they do.

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Nine minutes!?

Come on guys, usualy you're quicker than that....

And I think some introductions are in order: Jeff, the Internet. The Internet, Jeff. Now that everyone knows each other, we can get on with our obscure refrences.

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I thought that we were only supposed to mock people when they didn't use this site. So I guess it is really "use it and get mocked or don't use it and still get mocked."

Either way, I bet I get mocked.

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Ok, we need rules...

Are we just going to sit here and allow things like that? We really should follow some basic rules of decency.

And I would just like to say, "Martin, one minute."

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We need an icon

Next someone needs to make an icon so that the thing that MoreCooler can be made more cooler by will be... the... icon... thing...

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Wow, it's up! finaly got much more cooler. And now we can post. All we need are some really cooler ascii art; but I think that I will let Bryce do that, since he has so much practice.

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Time Travel

Through the careful art of time travel, I now have "first post" status. I think I should get a T-Shirt.

Then I can say, "I went back in time and all I got was this stupid T-Shirt."

Yeah, that would be more cooler.

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