House stuff - we found a cleaning lady who can come on Tuesday, the 29th. She charges $100 for the first 3 hours and $20 for each additional hour on move-out cleanings (her specialty, actually). She says an average move-out takes 4 hours.

These seems more than reasonable, in my experience. Are y'all interested in this? $120 (probably) split 4 ways is a measly $30 not to have to vacuum / scrub walls / clean toilets / mop floors / scrub stove / etc. We have a section in our lease that lists what needs to be done; I thought we'd just give that to her.

Note that this DOES NOT include professional carpet cleaning, which she recommends we get done separately AFTER she's done (so she'll have vacuumed and all). That'll probably be an additional $100 total. Also, we've yet to figure out the whole who-will-be-here-to-let-them-in-and-check-to-make-sure-they-did-a-good-job-and-give-the-keys-to-walt-with- the-receipt-for-the-maid-and-cleaners-as-specified-in-the-lease problem. But if I am able to get a lease starting on the 1st - as I think I just might - I may be able to just hang out in town and make sure everything gets done. Dunno; we'll figure it out.

Posted by martin on 7/21/03 at 4:50PM




Posted by matt on 7/21/03 at 3:59PM


I see Matt has nothing better to do these days...

Posted by brian on 7/21/03 at 4:03PM

Sounds good

Sounds good to me I will pay 30 to not have to do all of that. It would cost me that much in gas just to get down there to do it.

Posted by sean on 7/22/03 at 4:10PM

Other house stuff

I just scheduled for the phone and the trash to be cancelled on the 30th. Just to let everybody know that is being taken care of.

Posted by sean on 7/25/03 at 7:25AM

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