More Cooler than what?

Well, I forgot about the whole "MoreCooler" thing and used the old icq thing. And, of course, as always happens with things on the internet, I am the last to hear about it. I send something interesting and appealing to my friends and what do I hear? "Oh, your other friend showed me that months ago, it was cool." Does everyone send things to each other but me? And, just to show how archaic I am, you can go to this link, which you have already seen, and gape open mouthed again.

something cool you already saw .

Posted by chris on 7/9/03 at 7:55AM


Very Cool, hadn't seen it.

Well, no one told me about it. So I'm impressed.

Posted by jeff on 7/9/03 at 8:56AM


Maybe it's because someone spends so much time in San Fransisco. :-P

Posted by Martin on 7/9/03 at 10:13AM

hadn't seen it either

Aparently you must be in SLO to see cool stuff.

Posted by Sean on 7/9/03 at 10:20AM



Posted by matt on 7/9/03 at 10:22AM

Cool stuff

Do you get the cool links if you're in SLO only because SLO has none of its own cool stuff? Chris, last time I sent you a link, you complained. Gonads and strife, baby! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

(Chris will never ask me to send him links again.)

Posted by bryce on 7/9/03 at 11:15AM

Cooler stuff

And I put stuff in "martin's links" over on the right all the time.

Posted by Martin on 7/9/03 at 12:11PM

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