I just noticed that when I scroll the page, the dotted line thingies on the right get all trippy and change to solid lines or like, other kinds of dotted lines and stuff. It's really freakin' me out. Whoooooah. 8-o

Posted by martin on 7/2/03 at 7:45PM



What browser are you using?

Better yet, what DRUGS are you using?


Posted by Brian on 7/2/03 at 8:04PM

He doesn't need drugs...

It's Martin. He doesn't need drugs for this kind of stuff. If everyone who took drugs could learn from Martin, then the drug cartels would go out of business :-).

Posted by jeff on 7/3/03 at 4:39AM

It's not drugs...

Martin just got his hands on some German money. BTW, IE screws with the dotted line. No idea why, but since it's IE, I don't care.

Posted by bryce on 7/3/03 at 6:17AM


this damn thing remembers me.. thats nice.

fyi, IE likes "dashed" lines and not "dotted" lines.. dunno why, but it was ticking me off yesterday.

Posted by matt on 7/3/03 at 7:41AM

Apology in advance,

Well, I guess Martin was able to see what was in between the lines.

Posted by chris on 7/3/03 at 8:10AM

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