Just wondering who is on right now...

Everyone is too busy for regular posting :-(

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is the first day of the 2005 Chinese calendar. So for all of you who lapsed in their new year resolutions, here's your second chance.

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Some of Firefly cast at WonderCon Feb 18-20 at Moscone Ctr

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My birthday

Just a reminder for all San Franciscans (or Bay Areans, or San Diegans for that matter) to clear their calendar Saturday to help me celebrate my birthday.

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Where is everyone?

Are you all hibernating for the rest of '04? Or maybe just holed up with games received for Christmas...
In case I don't see you to say in person, Happy New Year everyone!

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Can you help?

I'm working on a project where I'm looking for all the different languages expressing the sound of a rooster crow. It is the year of the rooster for 2005 so a graphic design firm are doing a holiday card. Please forward any information either here as a post (can be link to helpful sites), or to my email address. Remember to mention the language it is in and to spell correctly. Thank you so much in advance and there is a free dinner for all in it. I owe all you guys anyway...

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Dodged the jury duty bullet for another day

'nuff said.

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Hey Chris

If you are reading this, I am bored at work receptioning at J. Walter Thompson. Such a cush job; I'm allowed to browse the internet and read magazines, the two things that most positions don't allow even on down time. I know this isn't an email substitute so I will finish before Bryce kicks me out. Byeeee!

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Anyone want to Donkey Konga with me?

It's a seemingly simple rhythm game using a two-drum controller. Clapping is registered by a little microphone in the middle -- I personally find it fun to whoop out loud instead. My dog already thinks I'm crazy. Anyone in the area is free to bang the drums with me.

p.s. please don't post anything that involves misreading my words, even if so provoked. ;-) (You know who you are)

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Happy Birthday Matt!

Happy (enter age)-st/-nd/-rd/-th Birthday from all of us in the Bay Area. (You're not thirty-onest, are you?)

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morecooler is like a sorority to me

I was telling Chris how I have a teensy regret about not making into a sorority. He reminded me how much better we at morecooler are than any greek society. I came back with how we lack a unifying symbol that we can wear. So here is my proposal: Since I don't see much success getting any of you guys to wear a ring, can we all get matching jackets to represent our sistahood..er.. brotherh.. no.. oh here it is.. our morecooler coolness. yeah.
Pass on all requests to Matt (ok, I really don't think you're going to get deluged with calls) for morecooler "cool" jackets so Juanita can feel like she belongs in a sorority, fraternity, or whatever.

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Happy Chinese New Year r

Well, the new year officially begins tomorrow for me. Have a great year of the monkey everyone!

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Got Firefly?

Firefly came in the mail two days ago. I started watching from beginning to end, then back to the beginning to watch it all over again. It is that fun. So what are you doing reading this post? Get your own copy today.

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GRE the last to go

Did you guys know that the GRE has a computer adaptive test?Whether you get a question right or not determines the difficulty of the next one, with more difficult questions being weighed more. This means that the questions in the first third of the math and verbal test largely determines the final score. So, if you get the first few wrong, the difficulty level drops (as will the score) and, even if you get all the rest correct, the score will never fully return to the higher level. It's like losing your 4.0 GPA once you don't get an A.
Knowing the subject matter is not as important as knowing HOW to take the test. No wonder there's a mint to be made in test preparation classes.

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I passed the CSET!

So how am I going to celebrate? Get a long overdue haircut. Feel free to throw in suggestions. I currently have an impossible mane more than halfway down my back. Would love to get highlights but don't want to spend $200 right now. Can you believe googling "hot haircuts" returns porn? Uhhh. I would like non-porn suggestions from friends.

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I need crash course in English

Just to let everyone know, I am applying into Berkeley's MUSE (Multicultural Urban Secondary English) Credential and Master's Program. After the first year, I can get a teacher's credential in English and ESL for grades 6-12. Before I even get that far, though, I need to pass the GRE, CBEST and CSET. It is the CSET (Cal Subject Exam for Teachers: single subject English) that is worrying me the most because, as an English competency test, I need to have the equivalent of 54 units of English Literature. So I'm wondering, could Martin pass as a Juanita and take this test for me? (By the way, it's a five-hour test).
On a serious note, can anyone (meaning you, Martin) suggest any literary text that gives a crash course on literary styles from all periods? For example, one of the M/C questions asked about the definition of formalism as a literary criticism. I had no idea what that was. So, any help will be appreciated.
Hey, this is the longest post ever for me!

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firefly dvd

on sale Dec 9; 4 discs. cool, huh?

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