Happy Birthday

Well, happy birthday Matt. We didn't give you a surprise party or a car, but I hope it is still special. Though I did get you something, if you look up tonight, I had some fireworks arranged just for you. Now the whole "where you will be" was a little bit of a problem, but I think I got that covered.

Posted by chris on 7/3/03 at 8:00PM • linkcomment (7)

New Feature!

I see Bryce has been making use of his limitless free time by implementing things such as replying as the person who is logged in. Way to go!

Posted by brian on 7/3/03 at 6:56PM • linkcomment (0)

better than IM...

Who needs IM when we have a site like this?


Posted by brian on 7/3/03 at 3:28PM • linkcomment (1)

Hey Bryce..

You need something like this script here..


Posted by matt on 7/3/03 at 8:50AM • linkcomment (2)

Uh, oh...

Look out y'all, mother nature is pissed!

Posted by martin on 7/3/03 at 8:34AM • linkcomment (0)

Fun stuff.

In Google Home Page (www.google.com), type in the phrase "weapons of mass destruction" and hit the <I'm feeling lucky> option.

Posted by matt on 7/3/03 at 6:30AM • linkcomment (3)

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