I'd like to point out..

..that Martin did what I was given a lot of flack over near Cugini's. You know that sign that says right turn only and I thought it meant I couldn't turn left down at Broad? Well.. so did Martin so he went left (the wrong way) down the street. ;)

See, its not just me!! :)

Posted by matt on 7/14/03 at 8:03AM


Now you know...

... why we always let you drive. Not going a valid direction is better than going an invalid direction.

Posted by chris on 7/14/03 at 8:22AM

I'd like to point out..

..that you really need to pick your evidence better. Martin and I had to create the rule about "Would you want to explain this to the paramedics" because we have such good ideas. Are you sure you want either of us on your side? ;-) And besides, the only reason you didn't turn is because I stopped you.

Posted by bryce on 7/14/03 at 8:32AM



Posted by Martin on 7/14/03 at 11:14AM

That's all right.

I blame Bryce for not being there to tell Martin not to go that way. Yep, all Bryce's fault.

Posted by matt on 7/14/03 at 11:19AM

It Could Be Worse...

Hey, I could have been driving at the time... you never know where you'll end up!

Posted by jeff on 7/14/03 at 11:32AM

I did tell him.

I guess he just doesn't listen... or it could be that we're a few hundred miles apart. No, I think it's more likely he just ignored me. ;-)

Posted by bryce on 7/14/03 at 1:42PM

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