The new legwarmer

... I mean laptop... how is your laptop, Martin?

Posted by brian on 7/16/03 at 7:51AM



Very sleek, very powerful. It came with a lot of crap installed, which I had to pull by the roots, but I've got it pretty blank right now. Gonna set up a hub in my room and start moving the important apps/data over. I don't intend to replace my desktop machine with it, just add portability.

It actually came with one of those cable box remote cables (and after Matt bought one for his PVR just last week). It has this huge remote and a big 'ol remote receiver (why not use the infrared port!?) which can control DVDs and TV and stuff, but ONLY in the mediacenter app, not in WinDVD, which it included. What's more, I can't find software to reassign the buttons on the remote to do other stuff. Bastards.

But yeah, that thing does get freakin' hot. It's bearable in jeans, but in shorts I'd be sporting a new processor-shaped burnmark.

Posted by Martin on 7/16/03 at 8:04AM

It Could Replace Your Desktop...

I mean, it's got the power to do so.

Posted by jeff on 7/16/03 at 11:00AM


I am trying to decide, when I decide to get a laptop, whether I want something ultra-portable or powerful... I have thoughts of sitting down below my balcony in the common area with something really light and portable with a wireless connection to my apartment and the Internet... that would be cool.

Posted by brian on 7/16/03 at 12:00PM


Yes, it IS more powerful than my desktop. Hmmmm... That has but one remedy, of course.


Posted by Martin on 7/16/03 at 4:23PM

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