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maybe this should be under the bugs/features post, but I'm putting it on its own:

what the heck is with the "make brian look crazy" checkbox????

and why doesn't editing a comment convert line breaks to <br>?

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So.... anyone else we're going to add?

Is there anyone else TO add?

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So... I got a little surprise in the mail today.

I don't know if any of you had heard about that energy refund, but I had been curious how they were going to do refunds to former (not current) customers, like us. Well, I found out today: they still send you a refund.

So, while you guys might have thought your bills and such were done... they're not... or at least the money shuffling isn't.

Which also means that I now owe Bryce and Jeff $11.33. Either of you care for me to write you a check, or do you just want me to treat you to lunch/dinner/etc the next time I see you?

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Ok... so... I just loaded up MC from home (in NS 7.1), and for some reason I'm not logged in.

However, that reveals this bug: when not logged in, the "online" section shows this instead:

Warning: sort() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/ on line 23

Warning: Bad arguments to implode() in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/ on line 24

Second, now that I am logged in, the admin section has no more "style" -- is this intentional or at least known?

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Um.. yeah... Matt? That Miata style could use some work.

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Currently Online?

When was this implemented? What is the data based on?

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Kim's Life?

How long has Kim been waiting for an account? She got one TODAY, as best I can tell, and she already has HOW many links posted on her links page???

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Bryce is slacking

Apparently he hasn't checked this recently.

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Alaskan Adventure

If anyone's interested, I returned from my trip to Juneau, Alaska on Tuesday night with about 900MB of pictures and videos from my new Canon S400. I'm still in the middle of processing all the data, but I'll post a link at some point if anyone wants to see them. One of the more interesting ones is the 6 minutes of combined video I shot from a small fishing boat out in the pass of 3 humpback whales playing around (enjoying the good weather we were having). It's over 80MB, though, so unless Bryce is willing to have that much on his server, I'm going to wait until I encode it a little better.

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That's an interesting feature you've added, Bryce. (Or was it Matt?) Have you noticed how all the ones from search engines are from searches about

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. . .

Did someone drop a pin?

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The new bottom of the barrel

Though I can't say I'm surprised some people have been reduced to this web-browsing technique, it's still sad to hear there are enough people to make a news story out of it:

An Article

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Ninja / File Thingy

Am I blind or did these disappear?

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I'm still curious where the whole "Ninja" thing came from... (not the script, the name). Is there a reference I'm missing?

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The new legwarmer

... I mean laptop... how is your laptop, Martin?

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What time is it?

The server ... or something ... seems to be confused about what time it is. Does Matt need to install ntp?

vvvvvvvv Posted at 3:09am vvvvvvvvv

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New Feature!

I see Bryce has been making use of his limitless free time by implementing things such as replying as the person who is logged in. Way to go!

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better than IM...

Who needs IM when we have a site like this?


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Santa Barbara

Anyone want to come visit?

Better yet, now that Matt has decided he likes the Big City life, anyone want to LIVE here?

Btw, for those who were here to bask in the glow of a laptop, I now have a 34" flatscreen HDTV w/ DVD player so have no fear of more small movies.

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Ad Irony

I figure these are on a rotation, so I took a snapshot. It is, however, the fact that these ads are presumably on a rotation that makes this one so ironic:

The Snapshot

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Hello World

Figured I'd say hi with my new account!


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