theTombs is live!

Just went live with the first early version of the website. I'm proud to state that I'm almost 100% content-free! ^_^ At lest, however, is no longer just a direct link to the game.

Odd side-note: google has already spidered somehow. And it DIDN'T get it from morecooler, as morecooler hasn't been spidered yet. It's like google is some sort of super site-ninja.

Posted by martin on 7/2/03 at 5:48PM


Google is magic!

Did you check to see if anyone else might be linking to it?

Posted by bryce on 7/2/03 at 6:08PM


I got to char. level 8, not bad with no way to heal (yes I remembered 666) or any weapons till floor 5. I liked the floating head.... looks familiar for some reason

Posted by chris on 7/3/03 at 6:06AM


There are weapons!?

Posted by Martin on 7/3/03 at 10:54AM

Yep, one

You have a flamespike in there, around level 5. Also a wooden ring, vitality ring and some chain leggings.

Posted by chris on 7/3/03 at 11:45AM


The site's realllllly slow loading on a 28.8 modem.. you might want to consider making it more accessible to bandwidth-limited people such as myself for this one evening. ;)

Posted by matt on 7/3/03 at 6:29PM


Yeah, Matt, I'll get RIGHT on that. Actually, tell ya what, why don't you just go open windows notepad and play with yourself. :-P

Posted by Martin on 7/3/03 at 9:05PM

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