New Cell Number

I just got a new cell phone and since I have been without one for the past month I couldn't keep my old number. The new number is in the address book

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Words you can spell in hex

Do you all remember when we came up with all those words you could fill out on a scantron using a,b,c,d,e. Well I find myself needing to spell words in hex meaning you get an extra letter f. Can you all help me spell things other than dead beef. Words that fall on 32, 16, and 8 bit boundries work the best. ie 8 letter, 4 letter, 2 letter words. If necesarry numbers can work too. 4 a bad dad, etc.

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for more rejections

If they ask for your phone number instead of an email you can give them a fake. rejection line.

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Web Graphs

Does anybody know a good way to display line graphs on a web page? They do not have to be dynamic, but I would need either around 40 small graphs or 1 big graph with 40 lines. Any suggestions?

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Living at 450

To all those in San Diego or somewhere else in the US; I moved. I now live in sunnyvale and the address starts with 450. We were looking at apartments and I had to pick the one with an address of 450...Andrea's eyes roll...check the address book for my new info.

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My clearence

For those of you who don't know. I got my security clearence. So thanks everybody for lying about my connections with terorists...kidding for those FBI agents who are now tracking my every move. So now instead of looking on the internet all day instead of work. I am in a building with no windows, where I am not allowed to bring a cell phone, without internet access except for a few special rooms and still have no work to do. But atleast I'm getting paid so no complaints.

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Michael Jackson Game

Yeah, you know somebody had to do it. The game is in poor taste but funny none the less.

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Olive Virgin Oil

I was looking through Andrea's face wash and noticed this.
Thats right not Virgin Olive Oil but Olive Virgin Oil. The olive flavored oil of virgins.

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helpful warning signs

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Luv me some rap snacks

Time to represent. The marketing geniuses at Universal Records have created Rapsnacks, slapping their artists (Nelly, Master P, and Lil Romeo, among others) where they've never bling-blinged before: on snack bags. (Making Chester Cheetah look like a punk-ass bitch.) Rapsnacks are also printed with positive messages like "Stay in School" and "Respect Your Elders."

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Maniac Mansion

Chris- Thanks so much! This is awsome!!!!! Oh yeah, this is andrea typing...question there sound? I'm not getting sound for the game on my computer and how do you save?
You are fantastic! Now I am going to spend all my free time on this game....and I thought I outgrew that :)

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Pop-up Virus

Does anybody know how to disable a virus that is causing pop-ups on IE windows. I have already checked the startup files in the registry and ran norton. Do you know what files IE starts up with? Any ideas?

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Come Celebrate Me

For those of you in the Bay Area, I am planning on having a Birthday dinner next Friday the 12th. I am actually around this year. The restraunt is called Palomino. It is in the city and let me know if you want to carpool. I would love to take a look at Martin's new car anyways. The more people that come the more of a discount we get.

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Homestarrunner in the news

If there was any question about Homestar Runner being part of pop culture its ended up in the Daily Candy email, a girly news site "For the latest need-to-know information about fashion, food and fun."

check it out

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Whats Happening to our House

Hello all, when I last talked to you I remember talk of giving the house to someone we knew and the posibility to keep things there a little longer. Whatever came of that? Is it still in the works?

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Party in Brea on Friday

Just as a reminder I am having a party this friday at my house in Brea. If you are comming from SLO take the 101 south then the 60 East to the 57 south. From SF take 5 south to the 60 East, From the South...I don't know you can type it in to mapquest from where you live.

Then from the 57 take the lambert exit west to Berry.
Turn right on Berry.
Turn left on StoneBridge, first left.
Turn right on beechwood, first right.
Turn left on Starcrest, first left.
Turn left on Sunnyhills, first left.
Turn right on Elkridge, first right.

house on left side
850 Elkridge St.

Also, I am comming back up to San Jose on Saturday so if anyone needs a ride or something just either give me a call or post.

Let me know who can make it.

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Who Me?

Well I never posted before graduation either.

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Networks Lab sucks

I am in networks lab and realized I haven't posted anything yet so here it is my first post...Isn't it pointless :).

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