Naked /pvp line dancing on Elune!

I'm (Tobey, far right) famous. :)

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Extended Firefly blooper reel!

Lookee, lookee! In four parts. The first part is basically where they took the bloopers from the DVD from, but even that has more to it.

Enjoy, boys! (And Jua!)

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A message from Bryce and Martin.

Nanny nanny boo boo! We have San Andreas and are playing it as Kim types! Hahahaha!

Totally worth the ten bucks. ;D

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I particularly like their logo, top left.

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Rejection made easy.

Hee! The news just did a story on It's my new favorite site. Too bad I'm not thin or pretty, so I don't get asked out by random people.

For a treat, check out the source code on the page with the letter.

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Serenity panel.

I uploaded two clips from the Serenity panel at the Comic-Con to the thingy. There were more, but 1) these are the funniest, and 2) the others' sound quality was so bad that it was hard to tell what they were saying -- and I was there the first time around, so I should know. They're about 7 mb each.

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Actors and their favorite cuss words! (NSFW)

Tee hee. My favorite's Peter Krause's. And Zach Braff makes me giggle.

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Pretend you're a good person.

The story's here, if you haven't heard. Please donate and show your support!

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RIAA Lawsuit Strategy Illegal

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The first spam arrest!

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Jesus Christ!

As Bryce said, "Nothing says 'Son of God' like a bobblehead!"

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Thief III!

Oh oh oh! I want, I want! I love the Thief games, particularly because I enjoyed watching Martin play them in his room back at Woodside.

This time around it's for the XBOX and the PC, and -- at least on the XBOX -- you have to pick locks manually by using the analog stick and feeling the vibrations of the controller to know whether you're close or not.

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Despair, Inc.

Lookee, lookee! My favorites are Ambition and Persistance.

These calendars always make me think of Martin, which probably doesn't sound like a compliment, but is.

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San Diego fires.

It's been one hell of a day. Just wanted to pop in and say that the Chula Vista area (Bryce and I) so far seems to be pretty safe for now -- the one fire that was threatening they think they have been able to control by burning a backfire to keep it away from all the housing around here.

The La Jolla area (Matt) is also safe as far as I know.

There's ash everywhere, though. Our cars are covered in it, and my eyes stung as I drove back home from Katie's house tonight and passed through downtown San Diego.

My brother's home is still at risk -- he and his wife are here with my niece. My sister-in-law's sister's home is even more at risk -- they were actually evacuated and a structure just down the street from her home was on fire last she knew. The only major freeway that's open right now is Interstate 5. The 67, 52, 163, 8 and 805 have all been closed in some areas all day long.

It's totally a nightmare. But we'll see what happens come later on this morning and the winds pick up again.

Right now I'm going to bed. My beautiful city is on fire, and I'm tired out from worrying about it all day long.

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How many more posts about Harry Potter before I get labeled "geek"?

Scariest thing I've ever seen. And if I'd said that before about fairy boy, then I take it back.

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What a dork.

This is my new favorite thing in the world.

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Oh, look. Kazaa wants to make up with the RIAA and the record companies, hold hands, and sing "We Are The World".

"No hard feelings, right guys? ...guys?"

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Bryce went to install Norton on my computer. Then everything went a little hooey. My add/remove program options are simply gone. There's nothing in the box. He was like, "Well, that's not good..." We planned on doing a full wipe of my computer within the next week and just sorta shrugged.

Then I opened Outlook. See the comments for what happened -- I took a fun screenshot.

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Naked Time!

I can't decide if this is more funny, or more disturbing.

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Mmmm... eBay....

I am the eBay listing queen!

So that's in one part a shameless plug (know anybody who likes these types of things?), one part a plea for anybody who sees anything wrong in those listings to give me a holler. kim at superherogirl dot net. I was editting the same template, and so it's possible I forgot to change something I should have.


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Why, hello there, boys. ;D

Matt kicked Bryce's ass into giving me an account. They went behind the swingset to duke it out and everything. ...or, we were sitting in Cheesecake Factory talking and Matt decided that it would be easier to give me an account so I could understand what they were talking about when they referenced the quotes page. I've already added my favorite quote as of recently.

Now, as for what I really wanted to say... I'm cross-posting this from my LiveJournal, since nobody ever reads that thing, anyway.


So today's the 25th anniversary of the crash of PSA Flight 182 in North Park (a commmunity in San Diego).

My dad could have very well been on that flight, too, and if he had I wouldn't have been here! PSA 182 was a normal commuter flight between Sacramento and San Diego, and my dad was scheduled on PSA 182 for September 26th, 1978 -- the next day. He'd been up in Sacramento for a meeting with a bunch of coworkers. When they heard news of the flight's crash, they all had to call home and assure their wives that they were okay, since there'd been some talk of catching the earlier flight if the meetings they had to attend ran short. You can bet it was not a happy hour or two that my mother had to endure before my dad got word of the crash and called her.

To top it all off, my Grandma Wroe used to own a house on Arizona St. in North Park. She was doing dishes in her kitchen, who's window faces the street, when the crash occured. She saw the fireball descend down into the neighborhood.

We still go to Chris' Market every once in awhile for chorizo, which is down in North Park. Driving through there, there's all these old houses that were built in the 50's, with a strange section of newer houses lining the part of the street where the plane hit. It's rather creepy.

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