Bryce: Suggestion

For morecooler.. once logged in, it would be nifty to have some sort of generic plug-in design so I can write stuff that you can use once logged in. Maybe create a "plugins" folder and look for all the php files in there to add to the screen you get once logged in (or menu on side) then when clicked, call a set function "exec_plugin" or something in that plugin php file and pass it the username/id or something..

My big thing is I want to write a file upload system so we can put files here (hell, maybe tie it in with forlop :) But I don't want to mess with your stuff on the site and you already have some session management and authentication stuff in place..

Posted by matt on 7/12/03 at 10:55AM • linkcomment (2)


Fyi, for everyone on vhub that hasn't had the spam filtered the last week.. seems plesk turned it off for me when the last restore was done.. anyway, fixed now.

Posted by matt on 7/12/03 at 8:06AM • linkcomment (1)

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