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Car Go Boom Boom

Well.. The Matt-Mobile decided to stop working on my way back up to SLO on Monday. Turns out the engine has totally locked up, so I'm (*gasp*) without car for at least a week and half while a new engine (*cough* 9-grand *cough*) gets to be installed.. Guess nothing else can break now. :( Anyway, trucks down in Santa Barbara as it died about 30 mins north of there and they are the biggest dealership in the area..

Just driving along until some rattling started under the hood.. then it got louder within the mile, so as I pull onto the shoulder, the car dies (with a big bang and lots of black smoke), along with the power steering and breaks.. so I get out and notice the coolant leaking all over the road.. and I notice my cell phone has "No Service" in the middle-of-nowhere that I was at. Luckily some friendly folk saw the smoke and stopped behind me so I could call up AAA. Long story short, stayed at Brian's last night and got a call today regarding the damange.. never quite had that much to worry about before. It sucks as just buying another sub would be about the same amount, so might as well fix this one and get the new engine with its 3-yr warranty. And its going to take at least a week and half to fix it up.. Yup, fun week so far..

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