Stupid library

Brian, you're off the hook. The library found the book. Finally. So I'm now the unhappy owner of a copy of the book. Whoop-de-freakin-doo! On a happier note, Kim's making cheesecake. She said that if I'm lucky, she might even cook it. Martin, should I save you a sli... er, a puddle of pie?

Posted by bryce on 7/1/03 at 4:53PM • linkcomment (9)

Well, fuck.

Eric ain't interested in the house. Would have been too far for Matt to bike, among other concerns. Turns out he was waiting for us to call him on his cell phone, unaware we didn't have the number (finally got up with him at home, thanks to Jeff).

Guess I gotta tell Walt, then. And now both Josh and Eric have flaked on me; I'm going to be homeless. Bloody hell.

Posted by martin on 7/1/03 at 3:57PM • linkcomment (3)

More Cal Poly BS..

Posted by matt on 7/1/03 at 4:57AM • linkcomment (2)

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