I need to sell a few cars, and I'm thinking of putting them up on E-bay. Has anyone (read: Matt) sold or bought cars on E-bay before? Any tips?

Posted by martin on 8/30/03 at 10:08AM • linkcomment (5)

forlop died (again)

Hrm.. so I come back from my trip and turn everything on last night.. and today I notice the connection doing weird things. I go look at forlop and its got IDE errors.. joy.. reboot and it says bad disk. good thing my files were on the 2nd drive.. so now I'm the proud owner of a Linksys router/hub/54g wireless doo-hickie.

Posted by matt on 8/29/03 at 1:50PM • linkcomment (6)

The Thing is back!

Last night, I saw the commercial. The Thing is officially back at Olive Garden. I'm so there.

Posted by bryce on 8/28/03 at 6:24PM • linkcomment (5)

Stop the presses...

Whoops, one more bill. Sorry, guys, thought mine were all done, but the last power bill came today for $41.03. The @#$%#$%'in morons sent it to SLO, despite my request to send it to San Jose (after the forwarding delay, it's due TODAY and I got it TODAY).

Now, this is the first time I've actually used the board program, so please check my numbers. Although, logically, these make sense. There's some rounding errors because the prog only accepts five digits including the decimal.

c->m $479.80
c->w $921.00
c->s $101.90

Hope no one (er, I guess that would be Chris, actually ^_^ ) has written any checks yet.

On a happier note, just bought a new gamecube w/mario golf (very fun, LOTS of features), F-Zero GX (fun, but wish there was less racing and more blowing enemies up), and Soul Calibur 2 (link w/ the megaton hammer is DA BOMB). Good times for nintendo lovers.

Posted by martin on 8/28/03 at 3:26PM • linkcomment (3)


Posting this just to see Bryce foam at the mouth... ;)

Posted by martin on 8/27/03 at 9:41AM • linkcomment (1)

Playing SWG Now

Hey everyone! I decided to take the plunge into MMORPGs with Star Wars Galaxies. So far, I'm having a blast. It's a little like Diablo meets the Sims: you can blow things up or sit around/party/converse/make stuff. Naturally you can go out and shoot at stormtroopers, and despite the movies, they are tough as nails! There's more to it than that, but so far so good. If anyone wants to or ends up playing, let me know! Later.

Posted by jeff on 8/27/03 at 9:19AM • linkcomment (2)

Question for Matt

Is anybody else getting around 50-100 e-mails a day from this new #@$%@# worm? It's driving me nuts! (Yarrrr...)

Matt: Is it possible to set the virus software on the server to kill entire messages that contain viruses, rather than just strip the viruses? I almost never get valid e-mails that just happen to have a trojan on board. I know it's possible, especially within company e-mail systems or when using Outlook (bleah), but it's fairly rare these days. Besides, simply deleting these messages would probably save considerable hard drive space if it were a server-wide rule.

Posted by martin on 8/26/03 at 3:49PM • linkcomment (8)

Who says our legal system doesn't work?

In case anyone hadn't heard, Fox had filed a lawsuit against Al Franken and his publisher for using "fair and balanced" in his book's subtitle (Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right). Why would that be a problem? Fox owns a trademark on the phrase. It got tossed out by the judge, who stated the case was "wholly without merit, both factually and legally." Ever since I heard about the case, I wondered why Fox would bother. All they are doing is bringing publicity to the book (even Rush Limbaugh was smart enough to not do that!), but a column in the New Yorker suggests that it was a result of trying to keep Bill O'Reilly happy. After his temper tantrum at the BookExpo in May, I wouldn't be surprised. Check out the video of the panel with Franken and O'Reilly if you've got some time to kill.

In response to all of this, Franken was quoted as saying "A few months ago, I trademarked the word 'funny.' So when Fox calls me 'unfunny,' they're violating my trademark. I am seriously considering a countersuit." I love that guy.

Posted by bryce on 8/24/03 at 10:19PM • linkcomment (1)

Another one like the ping-pong

Posted by martin on 8/22/03 at 7:50AM • linkcomment (2)

Ok.. board stuff

Ok, I just ran through the board real quick and here's simplified view:

c->w 613.47
s->w 170.52
C->M 525.75
c->s 353.1
m->w 106.11
S->M 70.41

This goes through the board proggy and we get this:

c->m 490.05
c->w 890.10
c->s 112.17

I'd appreciate it if someone else could also run through it to make sure I got it right.

FYI, I'm up in Yellowstone now.. going to be here for a week or so.. so no broadband :( and no cell phone :(

Posted by matt on 8/21/03 at 6:12PM • linkcomment (11)

Got the deposit back

Well, Walt sent me a letter with a check, made out to Christopher Crame. Thats the same guy who went to my high school, but never went to class. Paid my tuition though....

Anyway, we only got back $1,400 as he had to re-clean the house. He explains.

To read the full letter, see the first comment.

Posted by chris on 8/20/03 at 9:48PM • linkcomment (10)

Budokai 2 Screenies

I'm definitely buying the sequel to my most played PS2 game :-). Check out some screenshots on gamespot:

I hope they make the AI harder. I won't have Brian to train/knock around this time ;).

Posted by jeff on 8/20/03 at 10:49AM • linkcomment (6)

El Ton Juan

We were trying to find radio that didn't suck yesterday, and as we went by a station, Kim thought she heard Elton John, so we went back. It was a Spanish station, so I've decided to learn Spanish, eat until I'm 2000 pounds, and then become a Spanish-language Elton John tribute act and call myself El Ton Juan. Some of my songs:
  • Alcance gran altura rápida y súbitamente A Hombre (Lo pienso Voy A ser Un Rato Largo Largo)
  • Adiós Camino Amarillo Del Ladrillo
  • Gato De Honky
  • El

Me gusta los Babelfish.

Posted by bryce on 8/19/03 at 6:59PM • linkcomment (5)

Crazy Poster on /.

Posted by jeff on 8/18/03 at 2:01PM • linkcomment (1)

New Strong Bad!

Finally, after a few weeks of no e-mail, we now have e-mail!


Posted by jeff on 8/18/03 at 12:30PM • linkcomment (1)

Final house bill..

(I think)

Anyway, the last water bill is $88.48 (5/27-7/31)

That's the last of my bills. Not sure what else is left before we can simplify that massive list..

Posted by matt on 8/15/03 at 1:22PM • linkcomment (3)

Alaskan Adventure

If anyone's interested, I returned from my trip to Juneau, Alaska on Tuesday night with about 900MB of pictures and videos from my new Canon S400. I'm still in the middle of processing all the data, but I'll post a link at some point if anyone wants to see them. One of the more interesting ones is the 6 minutes of combined video I shot from a small fishing boat out in the pass of 3 humpback whales playing around (enjoying the good weather we were having). It's over 80MB, though, so unless Bryce is willing to have that much on his server, I'm going to wait until I encode it a little better.

Posted by brian on 8/14/03 at 11:47PM • linkcomment (8)


Yo. Bryce and I just finished off Halo (all thanks to my excellent driving skillz :) .. one helluva tough game, but pretty damn cool. Oh, btw, I have an xbox.

Posted by matt on 8/14/03 at 10:25PM • linkcomment (7)

Attention D2 players

NOTE: See my reply before downloading...

Sean, in case you didn't find it, here's the website for ATMA. For everyone else, this program is a sweeeeet little app that removes the need for a multi-machine setup or mules in Diablo II w/expansion w/1.10 beta patch. It essentially lets you move stuff on/off any character and either on to another character or into a special stash file. This is NOT an editor; it will not edit stats or items, just move the items around.

There's one very, very cool thing about this program, though, with the new version: it includes a converter so you can upgrade to 1.10s without losing any of your items! Yay!

Gonna try to upgrade right now; I'll let y'all know if I have any problems with it. Hell, might even upload my stash if y'all are interested.

Oh, and for those looking for a fun build, I have a lvl70 Amazon with 20 points in both poison javalin and plague javalin and, thanks to synergies and a +8 from items, it deals roughly 15k-16k damage over about 13 seconds. It actually says "15k-16k" in the character screen; the damage no longer fit in the box in whole numbers. ^_^ Saw it go over 20k once with a skill shrine. Also got points in Valk (level 20 as well) and decoy, as well as a bad-ass Barbarian merc with monster scaring equipment (first time I've found this ability anything other than annoying), so I can deal with poison immunes.

Posted by martin on 8/12/03 at 4:31PM • linkcomment (9)

FLCL on Cartoon Network

Just thought I'd mention this. It's on weekdays at midnight. They did a decent job with the dubbing too. The characters sound just like they do with their original voices. At the very least, I've been able to listen to the dialog a bit better in some spots because it goes rather fast in certain scenes. Later.

Posted by jeff on 8/11/03 at 12:48PM • linkcomment (0)

Yey Another Diversion

You guys remember Stair Dismount? Well, here's the upgrade! Well, not "here" exactly, but more like "over there, under the file thingy."

My high score is 68,935.

Wow, it is also fun to throw the guy over the wall, not a high score, but entertaining.

Posted by chris on 8/10/03 at 7:14AM • linkcomment (1)

Silent Hill 3

Well, I'm all alone in the house, and I'm playing Silent Hill 3. I am a stupid, stupid man. Good game, though; just wish I had more than one pair of pants...

On a related note, for those of you who've played any of the series, Jacob's Ladder might be worth a look, as it is the direct inspiration for the series. Just finished watching it; the overall plot is similar, and the environments are definitely taken right out of certain parts of the movie. It's actually given me a different take on some of the events in the game, but I won't elaborate for risk of spoiling the film.

Posted by martin on 8/9/03 at 3:40PM • linkcomment (4)

Hey, Chris..

Posted by matt on 8/9/03 at 2:40PM • linkcomment (4)

Referer logs are fun..

Posted by matt on 8/8/03 at 11:21PM • linkcomment (6)

Found it. Do I get a prize?

As if that blog could be more cooler than this blog... (heh)

Edit: Alright, I fixed it...

Posted by jeff on 8/8/03 at 7:42AM • linkcomment (12)

I bwoke it...

Posted by martin on 8/7/03 at 3:33PM • linkcomment (3)


Posted by matt on 8/5/03 at 8:35PM • linkcomment (5)

The Board

The following is the board as we left it. Chris, please check my numbers. Note: Please don't pay anybody yet, or bother simplifying it; not all bills have arrived yet, and we've yet to get back any of our deposit (Chris, Walt should be sending that to you in SF). The stuff for the house cleanup is at the bottom, in the bills.

Key: Chris=C, Martin=W, Matt=M, Sean=S, J=Jeff, Y=Bryce, H=Josh

C->W: $ 76.00
S->W: $ 4.00
M->C: $ 67.00
C->M: $163.39
S->C: $ 17.85
W->M: $ 2.00
J->C: $ 12.00
Y->W: $ 28.00
J->W: $ 4.00
Y->C: $ 25.00
S->M: $ 12.00
Y->M: $146.50
H->C: $ 23.00

Power: $221.62
$ 41.03
Water: $ 86.76
$ 88.48 (Final)
Cable: $147.32
$ 5.09 (Paid by Chris - final bill)
Gas: $ 15.54
$ 19.32
$ 10.95 (final bill)
Phone: $ 44.72 (final bill)
Trash: $ 44.20

Maid: $175.00 (Took longer than she estimated)
Carpet: $154.00 (Cheapest price I could find)

Please let me know if there are any inconsistencies.

Posted by martin on 8/4/03 at 1:46PM • linkcomment (11)

I Now Own a PDA....

I've got one of those iPAQs from HP (Pocket PC, h1910). Looks like it will be good for playing solitaire and keeping my contact info on me... Any good pocket PC software out there?

Posted by jeff on 8/3/03 at 10:15AM • linkcomment (0)

Ass tickling

I went to the International Pop Overthrow in LA last night to see Leisure McCorkle. It was pretty awesome. Seven bands over four hours for 10 bucks, and they were all really good. That even works with the "$2.50/hr. for entertainment" school of thought. The best part was when the MC said "A friend of mine just had the greatest line of the whole festival. 'When he hits those low notes, it really tickles my ass.' THAT is rock and roll! I hope you all found something tonight that tickled your ass."

Posted by bryce on 8/2/03 at 10:54AM • linkcomment (1)

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