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Housing stuff

Ok, Martin talked to Walt today regarding the house and stuff. We've got a number of some carpet cleaners.. We're leaving the washer and dryer for the next tenants (OK'd by Walt.) And he's going to have someone clean up the backyard for $100 from our security deposit (Ok by me unless someone actually wants to do the cleaning? :)

Anyway, I'm moving everything of mine out on the 24th and it sounds like Martin is doing the same on the weekend following. We're going to be getting rid of the following this week and next: couch, loveseat, coffee table, my desk, bunk-beds, dresser and Martin's desk. If anyone wants these, have at them.

Walt's going to have people come in on the 1st if possible, so we obviously need everything out by then and have the carpet cleaning done by then too. I think we're going to have to have someone here when they do that.

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I'd like to point out..

..that Martin did what I was given a lot of flack over near Cugini's. You know that sign that says right turn only and I thought it meant I couldn't turn left down at Broad? Well.. so did Martin so he went left (the wrong way) down the street. ;)

See, its not just me!! :)

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