Bryce, you'll like this'n:

Original article which inspired the book whose adaptation inspired the screenplay "Adaptation." OK... Line between reality and fiction faaaaadiiiiing...

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I crashed MoreCooler! (and the whole dang server..) hehehe. Oh, btw, this is just a test to make sure things work.. uh-huh. yep.

Posted by matt on 6/30/03 at 6:17PM • linkcomment (3)

Santa Barbara

Anyone want to come visit?

Better yet, now that Matt has decided he likes the Big City life, anyone want to LIVE here?

Btw, for those who were here to bask in the glow of a laptop, I now have a 34" flatscreen HDTV w/ DVD player so have no fear of more small movies.

Posted by brian on 6/29/03 at 9:17PM • linkcomment (4)

Ad Irony

I figure these are on a rotation, so I took a snapshot. It is, however, the fact that these ads are presumably on a rotation that makes this one so ironic:

The Snapshot

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Whats Happening to our House

Hello all, when I last talked to you I remember talk of giving the house to someone we knew and the posibility to keep things there a little longer. Whatever came of that? Is it still in the works?

Posted by sean on 6/29/03 at 11:41AM • linkcomment (5)

Anyone tried/play MMORPGs?

I was browsing around gamespot today, checking out some of the games that have been released. The new Star Wars Galaxies looks pretty nice, just came out yesterday. Anyone have any experience with these types of games? The Star Wars game looks interesting, and I've only heard about the World of Warcraft that Blizzard is doing... I might be interested in potentially getting one of these, but since it can be a pretty heavy commitment ($50 for the game, $10+ per month), I thought I'd ask my friends first :-).


Posted by jeff on 6/27/03 at 11:20AM • linkcomment (6)


I never even thought of this, but I guess that would be an issue you'd have to deal with. Wonder what the percentage is in the US?

Posted by martin on 6/27/03 at 12:19AM • linkcomment (2)

Happy Birthday, Bryce!

Er, I know that Bryce's birthday is this week, but I can't for the life of me remember exactly when. I was waiting for ICQ to tell me, but I just realized it ain't in his profile. So, um... Happy belated birthday, Bryce! Or, if I'm early... Happy early birthday, Bryce! Or if, wonder of wonders, it's today... Merry Christma- er, Happy birthday, Bryce!

Heh, heh... That'll teach ya to keep yer ICQ profile updated. Sorry I couldn't be down there this week. Hope your "birthday surprise" was both "surprising" and... ah... "birthday."

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New H*R Game!

Check out the new game this week. No e-mail (bummer), but we've got a game:

I got 35 as my highest, but I wasn't trying too hard at it :-). See what you can get and post a score. Later!

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Just Running Along.....

Man, being busy can really bite you in the rear. So I graduated, moved all of my worldly belongings back to my home in Fairfield, then took off to Vegas for a couple of days. I didn't gamble (blackjack was 10+ dollars a hand, otherwise I would have), but I did get to see Penn & Teller. Great show. I convinced my Dad to go on stage for the "Magic Bullet" Act (I won't spoil it if you don't know it). Penn was asking for people with "gun" experience (police, military), and I thought "Hey, my dad owns guns..." (turns out it is 7 guns).

Got back from Vegas on Friday. Went to a wedding Saturday. Drove down to Union City today (Sunday). And I start work tomorrow.

Phew, are my everything tired...


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A message from San Diego...

Hey all. I thought I'd post now that I'm (more or less) settled down in San Diego. Most of the boxes are put away/unpacked, and I'm getting used to being back down here again. Advantages over the SLO house:
  • It's now safe to microwave things without a lead vest.
  • I don't have to deal with the annoying birds (though I now have the annoying kids next door).
  • If I go into the closet to get clothes and find another person, I can now be justified in the emotion of "surprise".

Regardless, the whole graduation aspect hasn't sunk in yet. I'm sure it will soon (maybe once I find a job!), but right now it feels like any old summer. Anyway, congratulations to everyone on making it this far. Come down and visit me sometime.

"The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool." -Lester Bangs, Almost Famous

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GTA3: Vice City

So I'm switching through the channels last night, and I come across the movie Scarface. My first thought is, "hey, ain't that the movie where a lot of the music in GTA3:VC came from?" My second thought is, "holy shit, this scene is right out of the game!" Looks like the mansion in the game (the cool one on the middle island) is more or less right out of the movie, as is the "final" mission in the game. Sweeeeeeeet.

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Party in Brea on Friday

Just as a reminder I am having a party this friday at my house in Brea. If you are comming from SLO take the 101 south then the 60 East to the 57 south. From SF take 5 south to the 60 East, From the South...I don't know you can type it in to mapquest from where you live.

Then from the 57 take the lambert exit west to Berry.
Turn right on Berry.
Turn left on StoneBridge, first left.
Turn right on beechwood, first right.
Turn left on Starcrest, first left.
Turn left on Sunnyhills, first left.
Turn right on Elkridge, first right.

house on left side
850 Elkridge St.

Also, I am comming back up to San Jose on Saturday so if anyone needs a ride or something just either give me a call or post.

Let me know who can make it.

Posted by sean on 6/17/03 at 9:05PM • linkcomment (5)

Who Me?

Well I never posted before graduation either.

Posted by sean on 6/16/03 at 2:45PM • linkcomment (0)


Posted by martin on 6/16/03 at 2:14PM • linkcomment (3)


Well, I've been posting in my "links" section on occasion.

Posted by martin on 6/16/03 at 2:09PM • linkcomment (0)


Well, we all walked. And now no one is posting. Is this a bad sign?

Posted by chris on 6/16/03 at 9:47AM • linkcomment (0)

Done done done done done!

Yay, I just finished my last final and turned in my last project. I feel like I should say something important or interesting now... but I won't. Now I can sleep.

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God bless the French!

I just stuck a parody of The Matrix: Reloaded on forlop; it's from the MTV Movie Awards 2003. It's kinda humorous, I guess, but it gets a little old. Anyway, the really funny part is that since I got it from a French site, it has subtitles in French, and given the low-brow humor of the MTV Movie Awards, you can learn to say a lot of interesting slang in French. My favorite translation, though, is when one character refers to the game "Dig Dug": It becomes "Dick Duck". An entirely different game, I'd wager.

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I've been sticking stuff like this in my links, but this is pretty cool.

Posted by martin on 6/9/03 at 8:04PM • linkcomment (1)

I'm addicted!

It's past 3am, and I want to go to sleep, but I can't. I'm addicted to that goddamn "Deal with it." For those of you in-town, that's channel 960; Matt found it. My high score is 1150 so far.

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What is a hookie you ask? Well, I don't know. You guys tell me. Best one wins... something, lets see... I found a used post-it note, and two pennies. That's all I got, so get started!

Posted by chris on 6/8/03 at 3:24PM • linkcomment (2)


I'm currently watching Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (Excellent Adventure 2). Only, given that I'm reading this interesting little analysis at the same time, I've decided to view the film as one of the earlier matrices, with Ted as "the one." The parallels are frightening. ^_^

Posted by martin on 6/7/03 at 11:59PM • linkcomment (4)

Good joke...

"Being an MTV V-jay is like be a farmer with a government subsidy. You get paid not to play videos!"

Posted by martin on 6/7/03 at 12:03PM • linkcomment (1)


wanna see if this works.... ;)

Posted by matt on 6/6/03 at 2:12PM • linkcomment (0)

Old/new post indication

Theoretically, when you come to the site (with cookies on), all posts that are new since your last visit with have black text, and the rest will be grayed out a bit. Let me know if this seems to work for y'all. The first time you visit after I post this, they'll all be black because the initial cookie will be set then. After that, it should work!

Posted by bryce on 6/6/03 at 11:45AM • linkcomment (2)

More New Features ... er

I think that one of the things that would really make this site great would be a ......

(wait for it)......

Spell Cheker! I mean spell cheacker, spell checre, well, you know what I mean.

And I guess a grammar checker would be nice too, but then again any one coming to a site called "more cooler" shouldn't expect too much in that regard.

Posted by chris on 6/6/03 at 7:06AM • linkcomment (2)

Networks Lab sucks

I am in networks lab and realized I haven't posted anything yet so here it is my first post...Isn't it pointless :).

Posted by sean on 6/5/03 at 12:06PM • linkcomment (8)

Sophistication at Cal Poly...

Yes, folks, we go to a sophisticated campus. Engineering, architecture, agriculture, college truly is a place of learning. One of the more popular pass-times at this school is for freshmen to declare how smart they are in the newspaper (bottom of the page). The link will likely not work tomorrow, but I'll replace it with the archived link when that's available.

Posted by jeff on 6/4/03 at 1:23PM • linkcomment (1)

Believe it or not...

There was actually a letter the the editor in today's (Tuesday) Mustang Daily about a guy's favorite urinal. I stuck a copy in my backpack for those who missed it. ^_^

Posted by martin on 6/3/03 at 11:37PM • linkcomment (2)

New features...

Commenting has now been implemented, so the general public can get in on the fun. My apologies in advance for anything my people may say. ;-) Also, each post has a link below it that can be used to link to specific posts and should work no matter how much the post moves around. Questions/comments/suggestions welcome!

Matt, your highlighting thing is on The List, and I'll see what I can do.

Posted by bryce on 6/3/03 at 8:32PM • linkcomment (4)


Yo, pic day. My brother and my plane:

(definately more cooler with the thing.)
(also more cooler with the thing.)

Posted by matt on 6/3/03 at 7:37PM • linkcomment (6)


Bryce-- I've a suggestion for the front page here.. It'd be really nifty if you could hilite the entries that are new since you last looked at it.. Gotta be someway to use a cookie one way or another.. Could even be all client-side with a javascript-set/read cookie or something.. just a thought.

Posted by matt on 6/3/03 at 7:03PM • linkcomment (0)

Whoa there Brian....

... don't overwhelm us with your enthusiasm! I don't know if we can take it...

Posted by jeff on 6/3/03 at 5:15PM • linkcomment (0)

Hello World

Figured I'd say hi with my new account!


Posted by brian on 6/3/03 at 3:27PM • linkcomment (0)

Tell me about it

All I know is that the only thing people enjoy more than fawning over their favorite celebrities is berating them publicly. Why? I think so because it is safe; for many of the reasons that you mentioned. Who is easier to disagree with: a scholar who actualy knows things, or Eminem? The public puts these people on a pedistal for being different and special, but then expects them to act and think like they do.

Posted by chris on 6/3/03 at 12:15PM • linkcomment (0)

Blacklist this...

Consider this the first serious rant of the new blog.

I just saw this link [] on another blog. Last week, there was an column in the Mustang Daily entitled "Senate unseals McCarthy manuscripts, who cares?". It basically said the documents are irrelevant because "there are no more communist 'witch hunts' going on today or in the last 45 years..." To me, this is the same thing, different accusation. It frightens me that there are people in the United States that feel blacklisting might be a good idea. Beyond that, I'm amazed at the gall of the makers of that site. If you want to make some lists, knock yourselves out, but don't try to trick me. Morgan Freeman is said to be a Bush supporter based on this article, dated April 30, 2002.

Once I get past my anger, there is also a degree of fascination with the mindset of this part of the population. Moreso than ever before, Americans are living vicariously through their favorite celebrities. Who is marrying, who is breaking up, and what are they wearing while it happens? What shampoo is she using? I must use it too, so I can look like that! Wow, he is in a Burger King commercial? I like Burger King too! You're opposed to the war? Shut up, what do you know?

Wait, what just happened? Since when are celebrities not entitled to opinions? Just like you and I, they have thoughts too. If a reporter asks their feelings, they might share them and have them reported in the media. You don't have to agree, but if we're going to blacklist people just because we don't agree, let me remind you: Many celebrities are morons. Yes, it's true. Why do I buy their movies or CDs? Because they are up on current events? No. Because I like their art. Eminem sold 7,420,840 copies of The Eminem Show in 2002. Are there 7.4 million of us who think he's even of average intelligence? No. Think he's nice? Nope. Think he should shut up? Here's one vote for yes! Regardless, we should buy music for music. Does it help if the artist is nice/smart/funny, etc? Of course it does, but it can't be the only factor. If we start limiting movies to only the "nice actors", Philip Seymour Hoffman just might die of exhaustion.

Then again, I didn't support the war, so what do I know? Add me to the list.

Posted by bryce on 6/3/03 at 11:50AM • linkcomment (0)

That's what we need...Politician/Newscaster Boxing...

I'll definitely want to watch that show, Bryce. Reminds of the whole "Celebrity Boxing" Fox had on. Maybe we need to put our "leaders" in the ring with each other so they can show each other how they really feel (naturally this would be after they exchange witty comments back and forth, ala Franken and O'Rielly).

I'm not betting against Bryce... I think Franken has odds on this one :-).

(Matt, that's a pretty sweet dual motherboard... mmm, dual motherboards....)

Posted by jeff on 6/3/03 at 9:33AM • linkcomment (0)


Bryce, this is the motherboard I was talking about.. Its pretty (red).

Posted by matt on 6/3/03 at 8:57AM • linkcomment (0)

Words I never thought I'd say...

"I'm setting my VCR to tape C-SPAN2 on Sunday." That's right, I'm taping C-SPAN2. On purpose. No, this has nothing to do with Charlie, Animal House, or Mexican wrestling. Even better, this SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY, they're showing the biggest showdown since The Thrilla in Manila. In the left corner, polical humorist Alllllllllllllll Franken! In the right corner (oh wait, he's not conservative. Really. And neither is Fox News!), Bill O'Reiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilly. I hope it's as good as the articles (Fox and USA Today) I've read lead me to believe.

My money is on Franken.

Posted by bryce on 6/2/03 at 10:45PM • linkcomment (1)


In researching my speech, I found this. (warning: PDF software required)

It's an analysis of the video game industry from an investor's perspective. Weird, but kind of a neat angle.

It also illustrates my earlier comment about Bank of America's international branch "misspelling" their name... ^_^

Posted by martin on 6/2/03 at 5:56PM • linkcomment (0)

New Homestarrunner Content Up

Posted by martin on 6/2/03 at 11:37AM • linkcomment (0)


Lets just say I haven't gone out of my way to check on Martin this evening. ;)

Hey Bryce- you need to make some sort of "reply" link or a quickie link at the top of the morecooler page if you're logged in.. or something.. dunno.. seems kind of odd to reply to something on the front page by clicking log-in, then add, then type..

Posted by matt on 6/1/03 at 10:21PM • linkcomment (0)

Matt is the man!

What would we do without you? Break Bryce's stuff, drive us around, bring down the man, Matt is just full of fun times. Oh, how's Martin's yogurt remedy going, BTW? |-\

Posted by jeff on 6/1/03 at 10:16PM • linkcomment (0)


So why's everyone else get a link to their site on the front page but little 'ole trouble-maker me?

- = ~ = - v h u b - = ~ = -

Posted by matt on 6/1/03 at 9:44PM • linkcomment (0)


This is a Test!

(yeah, I like breaking things.. )

Posted by matt on 6/1/03 at 4:59PM • linkcomment (0)


The sad thing is that I broke it enough so that I can't even edit that post anymore ;)

Posted by matt on 6/1/03 at 4:50PM • linkcomment (0)


This falls under the "DON'T DO THAT" rule. This is twice I've had to talk to you. Next time, we'll have to call your parents.

Posted by bryce on 6/1/03 at 4:03PM • linkcomment (0)

(no title)


Posted by matt on 6/1/03 at 3:29PM • linkcomment (0)

Nine minutes!?

Come on guys, usualy you're quicker than that....

And I think some introductions are in order: Jeff, the Internet. The Internet, Jeff. Now that everyone knows each other, we can get on with our obscure refrences.

Posted by chris on 6/1/03 at 11:39AM • linkcomment (0)

Internet, Shminternet

Hey hey, don't blame me for this. I just had too much free time, so I spent it creating the site instead of doing something less productive, like having "nightly activities". The inmates have taken over the asylum.

Oh, and Chris? You only get mocked because you're a jerk. ;-)

Posted by bryce on 6/1/03 at 11:35AM • linkcomment (1)

What the...?

I can't leave you guys alone can I? I don't think the general Internet population is going to get our obscure references, put up with bad grammar, or want to look at our pictures (or pictures of squirrels for that matter)...

I'm surprised Bryce just doesn't remove a bunch of these.

Posted by jeff on 6/1/03 at 11:31AM • linkcomment (0)


I thought that we were only supposed to mock people when they didn't use this site. So I guess it is really "use it and get mocked or don't use it and still get mocked."

Either way, I bet I get mocked.

Posted by chris on 6/1/03 at 11:26AM • linkcomment (0)

I agree.

I'd like to designate this site a Petey-Free Zone.

Posted by bryce on 6/1/03 at 11:19AM • linkcomment (0)


...and my link to the Petey picture was broken.

Posted by martin on 6/1/03 at 11:15AM • linkcomment (0)


Aw, c'mon, my first idea was to post Petey. But I thought, no, I won't do that. That would be in poor taste. And starting a site with squirrel porn rarely bodes well for the future.

Posted by martin on 6/1/03 at 11:15AM • linkcomment (0)

Ok, we need rules...

Are we just going to sit here and allow things like that? We really should follow some basic rules of decency.

And I would just like to say, "Martin, one minute."

Posted by chris on 6/1/03 at 11:11AM • linkcomment (0)


Cool, HTML works. ^_^

Posted by martin on 6/1/03 at 11:09AM • linkcomment (0)


Wow, cool! Let's see...

Posted by martin on 6/1/03 at 11:08AM • linkcomment (0)

Staring at the thing in a bag...

Greetings fellow cooler fans! What is more cooler than, eh? [mumble] No, wait... I'm not Canadian. [mumble] No, I don't have anything against Canadians. [mumble] You seem to be implying I dislike Canadians... isn't imitation the sincerest form of flatery? [mumble, mumble] Now that was just uncalled for. You, sir, should leave. [footsteps] Phew, glad that is over... What the heck was I talking about? [pause] Oh, right, welcome to this website! Please enjoy our modest surroundings in your search for amusing distractions.


Posted by jeff on 6/1/03 at 8:18AM • linkcomment (0)

We need an icon

Next someone needs to make an icon so that the thing that MoreCooler can be made more cooler by will be... the... icon... thing...

Posted by chris on 6/1/03 at 8:18AM • linkcomment (0)

Wow, it's up! finaly got much more cooler. And now we can post. All we need are some really cooler ascii art; but I think that I will let Bryce do that, since he has so much practice.

Posted by chris on 6/1/03 at 8:15AM • linkcomment (0)

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