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Did someone drop a pin?

Posted by brian on 7/29/03 at 5:07PM


Not me...

I did lose a needle though. I think I left it in my haystack again.

Posted by bryce on 7/29/03 at 7:33PM

catch the reference

I'm curious if you were just being silly as usual or if you didn't catch the (obscure) reference I was making... I wasn't sure if it would come across.

Posted by brian on 7/29/03 at 7:46PM

I got it...

I just wanted my needle back.

Posted by bryce on 7/29/03 at 10:24PM


So quiet that you could hear a pin drop. That one?

Posted by jeff on 7/30/03 at 6:48AM

I feel dumb...

I assumed that Brian had noticed that the universe was unbalanced, and was commenting on that since Aleister Crowley wrote "It is impossible to drop a pin without exciting a corresponding reaction in every Star. The action has disturbed the balance of the Universe."

Posted by bryce on 7/30/03 at 10:38AM



Posted by brian on 7/30/03 at 1:03PM

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