I just noticed that when I scroll the page, the dotted line thingies on the right get all trippy and change to solid lines or like, other kinds of dotted lines and stuff. It's really freakin' me out. Whoooooah. 8-o

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theTombs is live!

Just went live with the first early version of the website. I'm proud to state that I'm almost 100% content-free! ^_^ At lest, however, theTombs.com is no longer just a direct link to the game.

Odd side-note: google has already spidered theTombs.com somehow. And it DIDN'T get it from morecooler, as morecooler hasn't been spidered yet. It's like google is some sort of super site-ninja.

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I got the Warcraft III Exp... two days ago :-)

Well, it was Monday night. The game came out on the 1st and I saw on Blizzard's site they were having two "events" around midnight. One of them was 3 miles from my friend's place. So I managed to convince my friend to go. For our troubles (translated: waiting in line) we got a free T-shirt and poster ('signed' by the dev team). Pretty neat. I've only played a couple missions so far (single player), but I plan on playing it alot more :-).


Oh, I just forgot to post this yesterday. I was up late that night and it slipped my mind yesterday.

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