This is the coolest thing ever...

If they get opposable thumbs, it's all over for us!

Oh, and I'll stick a couple of unrelated-but-cool animations (watch them in order, named papillon*.wmv) in the file section, just to help test the new system. ^_^

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House Stuff mk3

Y'know, I just realized, I've got Matt McGee's figurines from when we played D&D on my shelf. Is he still in town? Did they come in some sort of case?

Also, Chris, we really need to know when you'll be back in town, in order to plan. I'll have a 14' truck on the 26th heading back to San Jose; if there's anything big you need moved in that direction, now's the time to speak up. Plus, we need to know when to schedule the carpet cleaner. I wonder how much it would cost to hire a maid to get cobwebs / clean bathrooms / mop kitchen / etc?

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Divine Request

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