What is a hookie you ask? Well, I don't know. You guys tell me. Best one wins... something, lets see... I found a used post-it note, and two pennies. That's all I got, so get started!

Posted by chris on 6/8/03 at 3:24PM


My votes...

- A midget hooker
- an anatomically correct baked good
- one of the little spurs in velcro
- a wookie pirate
- what people with hooks make when they're dating
- what you hang a wookie gun on
- a good argument for why you should get to sit in the front seat in Matt's car
- the sixth, invisible ghost in pac-man
- something that hangs up Internet Explorer (hook-IE)
- a browser cookie that's gone bad

Eh, that's more than enough.

Posted by dradooW nitraM on 6/9/03 at 1:23AM


That little velvet flap of skin surrounding the clitoris of the hootchie

Posted by John on 6/14/03 at 2:36PM

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