Believe it or not...

There was actually a letter the the editor in today's (Tuesday) Mustang Daily about a guy's favorite urinal. I stuck a copy in my backpack for those who missed it. ^_^

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New features...

Commenting has now been implemented, so the general public can get in on the fun. My apologies in advance for anything my people may say. ;-) Also, each post has a link below it that can be used to link to specific posts and should work no matter how much the post moves around. Questions/comments/suggestions welcome!

Matt, your highlighting thing is on The List, and I'll see what I can do.

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Yo, pic day. My brother and my plane:

(definately more cooler with the thing.)
(also more cooler with the thing.)

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Bryce-- I've a suggestion for the front page here.. It'd be really nifty if you could hilite the entries that are new since you last looked at it.. Gotta be someway to use a cookie one way or another.. Could even be all client-side with a javascript-set/read cookie or something.. just a thought.

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Whoa there Brian....

... don't overwhelm us with your enthusiasm! I don't know if we can take it...

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Hello World

Figured I'd say hi with my new account!


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Tell me about it

All I know is that the only thing people enjoy more than fawning over their favorite celebrities is berating them publicly. Why? I think so because it is safe; for many of the reasons that you mentioned. Who is easier to disagree with: a scholar who actualy knows things, or Eminem? The public puts these people on a pedistal for being different and special, but then expects them to act and think like they do.

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Blacklist this...

Consider this the first serious rant of the new blog.

I just saw this link [] on another blog. Last week, there was an column in the Mustang Daily entitled "Senate unseals McCarthy manuscripts, who cares?". It basically said the documents are irrelevant because "there are no more communist 'witch hunts' going on today or in the last 45 years..." To me, this is the same thing, different accusation. It frightens me that there are people in the United States that feel blacklisting might be a good idea. Beyond that, I'm amazed at the gall of the makers of that site. If you want to make some lists, knock yourselves out, but don't try to trick me. Morgan Freeman is said to be a Bush supporter based on this article, dated April 30, 2002.

Once I get past my anger, there is also a degree of fascination with the mindset of this part of the population. Moreso than ever before, Americans are living vicariously through their favorite celebrities. Who is marrying, who is breaking up, and what are they wearing while it happens? What shampoo is she using? I must use it too, so I can look like that! Wow, he is in a Burger King commercial? I like Burger King too! You're opposed to the war? Shut up, what do you know?

Wait, what just happened? Since when are celebrities not entitled to opinions? Just like you and I, they have thoughts too. If a reporter asks their feelings, they might share them and have them reported in the media. You don't have to agree, but if we're going to blacklist people just because we don't agree, let me remind you: Many celebrities are morons. Yes, it's true. Why do I buy their movies or CDs? Because they are up on current events? No. Because I like their art. Eminem sold 7,420,840 copies of The Eminem Show in 2002. Are there 7.4 million of us who think he's even of average intelligence? No. Think he's nice? Nope. Think he should shut up? Here's one vote for yes! Regardless, we should buy music for music. Does it help if the artist is nice/smart/funny, etc? Of course it does, but it can't be the only factor. If we start limiting movies to only the "nice actors", Philip Seymour Hoffman just might die of exhaustion.

Then again, I didn't support the war, so what do I know? Add me to the list.

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That's what we need...Politician/Newscaster Boxing...

I'll definitely want to watch that show, Bryce. Reminds of the whole "Celebrity Boxing" Fox had on. Maybe we need to put our "leaders" in the ring with each other so they can show each other how they really feel (naturally this would be after they exchange witty comments back and forth, ala Franken and O'Rielly).

I'm not betting against Bryce... I think Franken has odds on this one :-).

(Matt, that's a pretty sweet dual motherboard... mmm, dual motherboards....)

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Bryce, this is the motherboard I was talking about.. Its pretty (red).

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