Words I never thought I'd say...

"I'm setting my VCR to tape C-SPAN2 on Sunday." That's right, I'm taping C-SPAN2. On purpose. No, this has nothing to do with Charlie, Animal House, or Mexican wrestling. Even better, this SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY, they're showing the biggest showdown since The Thrilla in Manila. In the left corner, polical humorist Alllllllllllllll Franken! In the right corner (oh wait, he's not conservative. Really. And neither is Fox News!), Bill O'Reiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilly. I hope it's as good as the articles (Fox and USA Today) I've read lead me to believe.

My money is on Franken.

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In researching my speech, I found this. (warning: PDF software required)

It's an analysis of the video game industry from an investor's perspective. Weird, but kind of a neat angle.

It also illustrates my earlier comment about Bank of America's international branch "misspelling" their name... ^_^

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New Homestarrunner Content Up

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