wanna see if this works.... ;)

Posted by matt on 6/6/03 at 2:12PM • linkcomment (0)

Old/new post indication

Theoretically, when you come to the site (with cookies on), all posts that are new since your last visit with have black text, and the rest will be grayed out a bit. Let me know if this seems to work for y'all. The first time you visit after I post this, they'll all be black because the initial cookie will be set then. After that, it should work!

Posted by bryce on 6/6/03 at 11:45AM • linkcomment (2)

More New Features ... er

I think that one of the things that would really make this site great would be a ......

(wait for it)......

Spell Cheker! I mean spell cheacker, spell checre, well, you know what I mean.

And I guess a grammar checker would be nice too, but then again any one coming to a site called "more cooler" shouldn't expect too much in that regard.

Posted by chris on 6/6/03 at 7:06AM • linkcomment (2)

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