Just Running Along.....

Man, being busy can really bite you in the rear. So I graduated, moved all of my worldly belongings back to my home in Fairfield, then took off to Vegas for a couple of days. I didn't gamble (blackjack was 10+ dollars a hand, otherwise I would have), but I did get to see Penn & Teller. Great show. I convinced my Dad to go on stage for the "Magic Bullet" Act (I won't spoil it if you don't know it). Penn was asking for people with "gun" experience (police, military), and I thought "Hey, my dad owns guns..." (turns out it is 7 guns).

Got back from Vegas on Friday. Went to a wedding Saturday. Drove down to Union City today (Sunday). And I start work tomorrow.

Phew, are my everything tired...


Posted by jeff on 6/22/03 at 5:53PM • linkcomment (0)

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