I crashed MoreCooler! (and the whole dang server..) hehehe. Oh, btw, this is just a test to make sure things work.. uh-huh. yep.

Posted by matt on 6/30/03 at 6:17PM



MoreCooler, and Vhub, and MWoody, and TheTombs, and...

All thanks to Major Kernel Disaster, coming to a children's breakfast cereal box near you. ^_^

Posted by Martin on 6/30/03 at 8:17PM

Bad Matt, Bad...

... no soup for you!

Posted by jeff on 7/1/03 at 4:58AM


Well, it was actually a HD failure.. but luckily I was able to put everything back together.. :)

Posted by Matt on 7/1/03 at 6:53AM

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