Santa Barbara

Anyone want to come visit?

Better yet, now that Matt has decided he likes the Big City life, anyone want to LIVE here?

Btw, for those who were here to bask in the glow of a laptop, I now have a 34" flatscreen HDTV w/ DVD player so have no fear of more small movies.

Posted by brian on 6/29/03 at 9:17PM


Where is Matt anyway?

Where did he end up anyhow? Yo, Matt, you out there? :-)

Posted by jeff on 6/29/03 at 9:54PM


Matt is busy at the moment. Please leave a message after the beep..

Posted by Matt on 6/30/03 at 6:57AM

Um, this is Jeff...

... and I was just "calling" to see where you were living... (isn't that a strange message?) And Brian, I'm surprised! For someone who does not watch TV (at least not during the time I've known you, which is several years!), you now have a pretty nice television. I'm stuck with a small TV that I borrowed from some friends of mine...

Posted by jeff on 6/30/03 at 8:09AM

Well... yeah....

I'm kind of surprised, myself. I probably shouldn't have spent that much especially before I've MADE some money from this job. I don't even have cable yet, so I can't watch "TV" anyway. However, it is a nice TV for watching movies, and since it's HDTV which everything is moving to, the available TV programming is still catching up with it so I won't have to worry about getting a new one for a while.

Posted by Brian on 6/30/03 at 1:41PM

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