New H*R Game!

Check out the new game this week. No e-mail (bummer), but we've got a game:

I got 35 as my highest, but I wasn't trying too hard at it :-). See what you can get and post a score. Later!

Posted by jeff on 6/23/03 at 8:49AM


do i win?

41 is my high but I keep getting the sneaking feeling that this is a test to see who is most likely to waste their time bothering to get a higher score.

Posted by jua on 6/23/03 at 10:41AM

aren't you people supposed to be at work?

this is what company time is spent on, huh? Just to let people know, I too attended a beautiful wedding in which I starred as a bridesmaid. 4th July coming up. Is it too soon for a possible reunion especially for those of us in the bay area?

Posted by jua on 6/23/03 at 10:45AM

Games are fun!

Wow I got 77 so far. Amazing how fun games are when you actually get to play them :). But it is only wasting time when you have something better to be doing.

Posted by sean on 6/23/03 at 10:53AM

OK Enough H*R for the day

Well I got 107 but can't seem to beat that so best of luck to everyone else...Here that Matt, good luck.

Posted by sean on 6/23/03 at 11:02AM


Beat that, suckers! ;-)

Posted by Bryce on 6/23/03 at 11:23AM


Alrighty, just did :-).

Posted by jeff on 6/23/03 at 1:06PM

Er, 340...

Yeah... too much time on my hands... I'll stop now...

Posted by jeff on 6/23/03 at 2:52PM

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