Lets just say I haven't gone out of my way to check on Martin this evening. ;)

Hey Bryce- you need to make some sort of "reply" link or a quickie link at the top of the morecooler page if you're logged in.. or something.. dunno.. seems kind of odd to reply to something on the front page by clicking log-in, then add, then type..

Posted by matt on 6/1/03 at 10:21PM • linkcomment (0)

Matt is the man!

What would we do without you? Break Bryce's stuff, drive us around, bring down the man, Matt is just full of fun times. Oh, how's Martin's yogurt remedy going, BTW? |-\

Posted by jeff on 6/1/03 at 10:16PM • linkcomment (0)


So why's everyone else get a link to their site on the front page but little 'ole trouble-maker me?

- = ~ = - v h u b - = ~ = -

Posted by matt on 6/1/03 at 9:44PM • linkcomment (0)


This is a Test!

(yeah, I like breaking things.. )

Posted by matt on 6/1/03 at 4:59PM • linkcomment (0)


The sad thing is that I broke it enough so that I can't even edit that post anymore ;)

Posted by matt on 6/1/03 at 4:50PM • linkcomment (0)


This falls under the "DON'T DO THAT" rule. This is twice I've had to talk to you. Next time, we'll have to call your parents.

Posted by bryce on 6/1/03 at 4:03PM • linkcomment (0)

(no title)


Posted by matt on 6/1/03 at 3:29PM • linkcomment (0)

Nine minutes!?

Come on guys, usualy you're quicker than that....

And I think some introductions are in order: Jeff, the Internet. The Internet, Jeff. Now that everyone knows each other, we can get on with our obscure refrences.

Posted by chris on 6/1/03 at 11:39AM • linkcomment (0)

Internet, Shminternet

Hey hey, don't blame me for this. I just had too much free time, so I spent it creating the site instead of doing something less productive, like having "nightly activities". The inmates have taken over the asylum.

Oh, and Chris? You only get mocked because you're a jerk. ;-)

Posted by bryce on 6/1/03 at 11:35AM • linkcomment (1)

What the...?

I can't leave you guys alone can I? I don't think the general Internet population is going to get our obscure references, put up with bad grammar, or want to look at our pictures (or pictures of squirrels for that matter)...

I'm surprised Bryce just doesn't remove a bunch of these.

Posted by jeff on 6/1/03 at 11:31AM • linkcomment (0)


I thought that we were only supposed to mock people when they didn't use this site. So I guess it is really "use it and get mocked or don't use it and still get mocked."

Either way, I bet I get mocked.

Posted by chris on 6/1/03 at 11:26AM • linkcomment (0)

I agree.

I'd like to designate this site a Petey-Free Zone.

Posted by bryce on 6/1/03 at 11:19AM • linkcomment (0)


...and my link to the Petey picture was broken.

Posted by martin on 6/1/03 at 11:15AM • linkcomment (0)


Aw, c'mon, my first idea was to post Petey. But I thought, no, I won't do that. That would be in poor taste. And starting a site with squirrel porn rarely bodes well for the future.

Posted by martin on 6/1/03 at 11:15AM • linkcomment (0)

Ok, we need rules...

Are we just going to sit here and allow things like that? We really should follow some basic rules of decency.

And I would just like to say, "Martin, one minute."

Posted by chris on 6/1/03 at 11:11AM • linkcomment (0)


Cool, HTML works. ^_^

Posted by martin on 6/1/03 at 11:09AM • linkcomment (0)


Wow, cool! Let's see...

Posted by martin on 6/1/03 at 11:08AM • linkcomment (0)

Staring at the thing in a bag...

Greetings fellow cooler fans! What is more cooler than morecooler.com, eh? [mumble] No, wait... I'm not Canadian. [mumble] No, I don't have anything against Canadians. [mumble] You seem to be implying I dislike Canadians... isn't imitation the sincerest form of flatery? [mumble, mumble] Now that was just uncalled for. You, sir, should leave. [footsteps] Phew, glad that is over... What the heck was I talking about? [pause] Oh, right, welcome to this website! Please enjoy our modest surroundings in your search for amusing distractions.


Posted by jeff on 6/1/03 at 8:18AM • linkcomment (0)

We need an icon

Next someone needs to make an icon so that the thing that MoreCooler can be made more cooler by will be... the... icon... thing...

Posted by chris on 6/1/03 at 8:18AM • linkcomment (0)

Wow, it's up!

MoreCooler.com finaly got much more cooler. And now we can post. All we need are some really cooler ascii art; but I think that I will let Bryce do that, since he has so much practice.

Posted by chris on 6/1/03 at 8:15AM • linkcomment (0)

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