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Commenting has now been implemented, so the general public can get in on the fun. My apologies in advance for anything my people may say. ;-) Also, each post has a link below it that can be used to link to specific posts and should work no matter how much the post moves around. Questions/comments/suggestions welcome!

Matt, your highlighting thing is on The List, and I'll see what I can do.

Posted by bryce on 6/3/03 at 8:32PM


Funny things Bryce has said

"I want a monkey to turn my crank."

Posted by Bryce's Ho on 6/3/03 at 8:38PM


You mean there's more to read on this site now?! sheesh.. and bryce, you need to rig this sucker up so it knows I'm logged in and don't have to type in name/email stuff each time..

Posted by Mittens the Annihilator on 6/3/03 at 9:24PM


Hee. Mittens the Annihilator. I'd almost forgotten about that.

Posted by Kim on 6/4/03 at 9:29AM

Posted by . on 6/5/03 at 1:30PM

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