I'm currently watching Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (Excellent Adventure 2). Only, given that I'm reading this interesting little analysis at the same time, I've decided to view the film as one of the earlier matrices, with Ted as "the one." The parallels are frightening. ^_^

Posted by martin on 6/7/03 at 11:59PM


I thought Bill was "The one"

That's only if "The one" is short for "The one who never acted again." ;-)

Posted by Bryce on 6/8/03 at 10:14AM

Bill can't be....

Well, guess he isn't, Look what Bill has done since: 1 Fever (1999) (uncredited) .... Subway Passenger 2 Borrowers, The (1997) .... TV Gangster 3 Freaked (1993) .... Ricky Coogan ... aka Hideous Mutant Freekz (1993) 4 "Idiot Box, The" (1991) TV Series .... Various Oh well, so much for that

Posted by chris on 6/8/03 at 11:19AM


I don't think any of those appearances qualify as "acting".

Posted by Kim on 6/8/03 at 12:35PM

Then again...

Neither do any of Keanu Reeves's appearances.

Posted by Bryce on 6/8/03 at 1:11PM

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