Ad Irony

I figure these are on a rotation, so I took a snapshot. It is, however, the fact that these ads are presumably on a rotation that makes this one so ironic:

The Snapshot

Posted by brian on 6/29/03 at 9:13PM


Silly morecooler

Sheesh, bryce; no auto URL linking? My URL as a link

Posted by Brian on 6/29/03 at 9:14PM

Silly yourself!

Commenting to yourself: When editing your post is just too much work. ;-) I've added autolinking to "The List".

Posted by Bryce on 7/1/03 at 4:57PM


Yeah.... well... see, I was expecting autolinking, but I forgot that you HAD implemented the ability to edit a post, so that's why I didn't :-)

Posted by Brian on 7/2/03 at 6:35PM

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