GTA3: Vice City

So I'm switching through the channels last night, and I come across the movie Scarface. My first thought is, "hey, ain't that the movie where a lot of the music in GTA3:VC came from?" My second thought is, "holy shit, this scene is right out of the game!" Looks like the mansion in the game (the cool one on the middle island) is more or less right out of the movie, as is the "final" mission in the game. Sweeeeeeeet.

Posted by martin on 6/17/03 at 10:59PM • linkcomment (0)

Party in Brea on Friday

Just as a reminder I am having a party this friday at my house in Brea. If you are comming from SLO take the 101 south then the 60 East to the 57 south. From SF take 5 south to the 60 East, From the South...I don't know you can type it in to mapquest from where you live.

Then from the 57 take the lambert exit west to Berry.
Turn right on Berry.
Turn left on StoneBridge, first left.
Turn right on beechwood, first right.
Turn left on Starcrest, first left.
Turn left on Sunnyhills, first left.
Turn right on Elkridge, first right.

house on left side
850 Elkridge St.

Also, I am comming back up to San Jose on Saturday so if anyone needs a ride or something just either give me a call or post.

Let me know who can make it.

Posted by sean on 6/17/03 at 9:05PM • linkcomment (5)

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