Posted by matt on 8/5/03 at 8:35PM


I see..

.. you picked a screen shot with one of your posts....

Posted by chris on 8/5/03 at 8:53PM

Better than one of yours.


Posted by bryce on 8/5/03 at 11:02PM


He did do a lot of work on this, no harm in showing it off.

Posted by jeff on 8/6/03 at 6:33AM


It was just a comment. I was not giving an opinion one way or the other. This is a cool site, more cooler even. If this gets Bryce any new work, that would be great, more greater even.

Posted by chris on 8/6/03 at 7:04AM


Actually, I didn't set out to pick one of mine. I just picked the first entry that filled the window size I was using for my screen shot, but still left some white space (but not too much). My post is just prettier than anyone else's. ;-)

Posted by bryce on 8/6/03 at 7:08AM

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