Attention D2 players

NOTE: See my reply before downloading...

Sean, in case you didn't find it, here's the website for ATMA. For everyone else, this program is a sweeeeet little app that removes the need for a multi-machine setup or mules in Diablo II w/expansion w/1.10 beta patch. It essentially lets you move stuff on/off any character and either on to another character or into a special stash file. This is NOT an editor; it will not edit stats or items, just move the items around.

There's one very, very cool thing about this program, though, with the new version: it includes a converter so you can upgrade to 1.10s without losing any of your items! Yay!

Gonna try to upgrade right now; I'll let y'all know if I have any problems with it. Hell, might even upload my stash if y'all are interested.

Oh, and for those looking for a fun build, I have a lvl70 Amazon with 20 points in both poison javalin and plague javalin and, thanks to synergies and a +8 from items, it deals roughly 15k-16k damage over about 13 seconds. It actually says "15k-16k" in the character screen; the damage no longer fit in the box in whole numbers. ^_^ Saw it go over 20k once with a skill shrine. Also got points in Valk (level 20 as well) and decoy, as well as a bad-ass Barbarian merc with monster scaring equipment (first time I've found this ability anything other than annoying), so I can deal with poison immunes.

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