Alaskan Adventure

If anyone's interested, I returned from my trip to Juneau, Alaska on Tuesday night with about 900MB of pictures and videos from my new Canon S400. I'm still in the middle of processing all the data, but I'll post a link at some point if anyone wants to see them. One of the more interesting ones is the 6 minutes of combined video I shot from a small fishing boat out in the pass of 3 humpback whales playing around (enjoying the good weather we were having). It's over 80MB, though, so unless Bryce is willing to have that much on his server, I'm going to wait until I encode it a little better.

Posted by brian on 8/14/03 at 11:47PM



I thought this was Matt's server and Bryce just did the work?

By the way, welcome back!

Posted by chris on 8/15/03 at 7:24AM


I stole Matt's server. He just doesn't know it yet.

Posted by bryce on 8/15/03 at 7:50AM


But I stole it from Bryce. Nobody would guess it was me because I don't even have a use for it.

Posted by sean on 8/15/03 at 7:54AM

Don't You have a server?

What's the deal with Can't you put stuff up there too?

Posted by jeff on 8/15/03 at 8:18AM

I stole it back...

I'm much sneakier than Sean realizes. For example, look at how I rolled down the window of his sister's car and put a key on the seat, just to prove my superiority. Hahahahahahahaha

Posted by bryce on 8/15/03 at 8:36AM

Are you sure

that Sean didn't lend it back to you? :)

Posted by matt on 8/15/03 at 1:24PM

Yes, I can put stuff on, and I will be... however, I also don't want to overload THAT server, either... not so much with space but with bandwidth. I need to talk to Paul to see how much I can use anyway...

Posted by brian on 8/15/03 at 1:59PM

Whale Video

In talking to Paul, it doesn't sound like it's going to be a problem in general... and especially not an initial release of the large video to a small group (such as this). As long as everybody doesn't attempt to download this at the same time from a high speed connection, this should be fine. Again, this is 80MB.

Posted by brian on 8/17/03 at 11:45AM

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