Hey, Chris..

Posted by matt on 8/9/03 at 2:40PM



Juanita found an X-Box demo disk at the register. Same price. Now, when are you getting that X-Box?

Posted by chris on 8/9/03 at 5:49PM


What is that link to? I've tried for two days now, and I always get the "we're closed" message.

Posted by martin on 8/10/03 at 9:29AM

Try this...

http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?id=cat12085&type=page&_requestid=55899 There's a search for the SKU. Does that work for anyone else?

Posted by bryce on 8/10/03 at 11:21AM


I just searched their site for the id number, came up right to it.

Posted by chris on 8/10/03 at 3:30PM

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