Got the deposit back

Well, Walt sent me a letter with a check, made out to Christopher Crame. Thats the same guy who went to my high school, but never went to class. Paid my tuition though....

Anyway, we only got back $1,400 as he had to re-clean the house. He explains.

To read the full letter, see the first comment.

Posted by chris on 8/20/03 at 9:48PM • linkcomment (10)

Budokai 2 Screenies

I'm definitely buying the sequel to my most played PS2 game :-). Check out some screenshots on gamespot:

I hope they make the AI harder. I won't have Brian to train/knock around this time ;).

Posted by jeff on 8/20/03 at 10:49AM • linkcomment (6)

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