Referer logs are fun..

Posted by matt on 8/8/03 at 11:21PM


How appropriate...

I think my favorite is still the search for: php "File Thingy"

Posted by bryce on 8/9/03 at 7:53AM


Does it even say silly anywhere, or has someone just deemed our sight silly?

Posted by sean on 8/9/03 at 8:14AM


It looks like someone has called us silly in a link to the site, so it associated it. Anyone know who?

Posted by bryce on 8/9/03 at 9:41AM

It was Brian

He links to us from his site as a "silly site"

Posted by bryce on 8/9/03 at 9:47AM


funny how my naming the link to this website has influenced the content of this site (by someone posting about how it matched a "silly site" search)

Posted by brian on 8/10/03 at 6:47PM

Referrer stuff

From what I understand, the linking text is a major factor with Google. Not as heavy as it used to be, because of things like a lot of people all linking to Bush's campaign site with the text "stupid motherf---ker" to get him to be the top return for that search. Clever, but Google doesn't like that. Hehe.

Posted by bryce on 8/10/03 at 7:09PM

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