Naked Time!

I can't decide if this is more funny, or more disturbing.

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2 Worms3d files for y'all

For those who've gotten the Worms3d demo working, I've uploaded a "cheater" program which will allow you to enable many of the game's weapons in the demo. Super-sheep are particularly fun. Items without an icon in the cheat program, BTW, will crash the game. It also lets you disable the time limits, up the resolution to 1600x1200, and other neat stuff.

For everyone interested in the game, demo or not, here's an interesting chart I pulled off their forums:

EDIT: Will put the image in the replies. Was silly of me to post it on the main page.

It's not official, just fan created based on screenshots at the site and comments from the developers in the forums/press. The green and blue checkmarks are weapons confirmed to be in the final game. The red X's are weapons confirmed not to be in the final game. Squares with no symbol are unknown.

Note that this doesn't show the items completely new in Worms3d; for example, girders are out, but there's a nifty "bridge building kit" that you can enable in the demo that more than replaces its function.

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FFXI Benchmark/Demo

They've worked on this some since it's lackluster Japanese release. I might do this one, I might now. Depends on whether or not D2 1.10 is out by then, I suppose. ^_^

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Pompeii, America

Apparently, there are powerful forces brewing under Yellowstone that will (just a matter of when) explode with enough force to destroy everything within 600 miles.

Might be a month from now, might be in 100,000 years.

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Where'd all the... er... formatting go?

EDIT: Never mind, problem solved. It somehow deselected what style I had selected, I guess.

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Bug List/Feature Request - Bump again

For my own sanity, let's keep all bug reports and feature requests to this thread so I can find them. I tried to gather all that have been posted so far. Let me know if I missed any. I'll keep this post edited to show the current list. The list as of now:
  • Bugs
    • Style sheets don't load all parts of the page
      This is a known bug for Mozilla. For now, it appears that the blue and green styles both work fine. If you want to use another, just refresh and it seems to fix itself. Annoying, but what can ya do? Currently looking into alternatives.

      By making Matt constantly refresh while I tried some things, I think it's working (we're now using PHP to switch instead of Javascript). If anyone notices it not working, let me know!
    • Use selected style in admin pages.
    • Stop long links from running off the side of the screen.
  • Feature requests
    • Allow editing for comments by logged-in users
      There should be an edit link next to any post you make while logged in. Let me know if you find one of your posts that you can't edit.
    • Add Ninja and Quotes to main menu for public access
    • Don't display duplicate referrers
    • Search capability

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