Pulled it from the referrer logs; we are link #1! Morecooler rocks hard on Google searches, have ya noticed? I think it's 'cause it keeps getting fed into Blog lists, and those links raise its rank.

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Check out the "riaa_advert.mpg" in the File Thingy. :)

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I am gainfully employed =)

Just thought I'd spread the good news. Got my offer on Monday (went to my boss on Friday evening actually) and I'm taking the position here. My 'official' start date is the 29th, but I'm taking a couple weeks off to unwind a little. I'm just happy I can go full-time, glad it all worked out!

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Free PC..

If you've purchased microsoft products or they have come with new computers between 95 and 01, you can get cash from microsoft or a free pc from Lindows..

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