Kim's Life?

How long has Kim been waiting for an account? She got one TODAY, as best I can tell, and she already has HOW many links posted on her links page???

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So I'm sitting in linguistics today (MOST BORING CLASS EVER), and we get to talking about phonemes, words, phrases, clauses, and sentences. The professor asks for an example of a word.

Someone says "cat."

"Good," he says. "Now, the difference between phrases and clauses is very subtle: a clause is a phrase with a verb. So, does anyone have an example of a phrase?"

"The door," replies another student.

"Also good. Now, anyone have an example of a clause?"

I raise my hand.

"Matt Rung."


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Two things..

Go get a philly at Quizno's. Its a damn good sandwitch..

also, bryce, you should sort the list of posts in reverse order in the login page so you can edit your most recent one more easily..

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Send me money!

...please! ^_^

Chris, my address is in the "address book" thingy on the right. Please send me a check.

The amounts owed are:

c->m $479.80
c->w $921.00
c->s $101.90

And Matt, check out my mailing address; look familiar? ^_^ Santa Margarita is so freaking small that the owner has no mailbox; the post office doesn't deliver mail, they just give everyone a PO box. Figured I'd just go ahead and get my own.

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Why, hello there, boys. ;D

Matt kicked Bryce's ass into giving me an account. They went behind the swingset to duke it out and everything. ...or, we were sitting in Cheesecake Factory talking and Matt decided that it would be easier to give me an account so I could understand what they were talking about when they referenced the quotes page. I've already added my favorite quote as of recently.

Now, as for what I really wanted to say... I'm cross-posting this from my LiveJournal, since nobody ever reads that thing, anyway.


So today's the 25th anniversary of the crash of PSA Flight 182 in North Park (a commmunity in San Diego).

My dad could have very well been on that flight, too, and if he had I wouldn't have been here! PSA 182 was a normal commuter flight between Sacramento and San Diego, and my dad was scheduled on PSA 182 for September 26th, 1978 -- the next day. He'd been up in Sacramento for a meeting with a bunch of coworkers. When they heard news of the flight's crash, they all had to call home and assure their wives that they were okay, since there'd been some talk of catching the earlier flight if the meetings they had to attend ran short. You can bet it was not a happy hour or two that my mother had to endure before my dad got word of the crash and called her.

To top it all off, my Grandma Wroe used to own a house on Arizona St. in North Park. She was doing dishes in her kitchen, who's window faces the street, when the crash occured. She saw the fireball descend down into the neighborhood.

We still go to Chris' Market every once in awhile for chorizo, which is down in North Park. Driving through there, there's all these old houses that were built in the 50's, with a strange section of newer houses lining the part of the street where the plane hit. It's rather creepy.

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What do you all think?

Maybe some color somewhere in there tho..

I'm thinking about makeing up some "pirate" tshirts for the hell of it. :)

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Found in an old e-mail...

I just found this in an old e-mail I sent regarding Netscape 4.x being used in offices despite sucking:
Just tell everyone you work with that upgrading to Netscape 6.0 prevents evil men from being downloaded onto their hard drive. No one wants evil little men on their hard drive. If they don't listen, secretly set all their start pages to a web page with pictures of Gary Coleman and Verne Troyer with the words "We've arrived." Then you can say "I told you so."

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