2 Worms3d files for y'all

For those who've gotten the Worms3d demo working, I've uploaded a "cheater" program which will allow you to enable many of the game's weapons in the demo. Super-sheep are particularly fun. Items without an icon in the cheat program, BTW, will crash the game. It also lets you disable the time limits, up the resolution to 1600x1200, and other neat stuff.

For everyone interested in the game, demo or not, here's an interesting chart I pulled off their forums:

EDIT: Will put the image in the replies. Was silly of me to post it on the main page.

It's not official, just fan created based on screenshots at the site and comments from the developers in the forums/press. The green and blue checkmarks are weapons confirmed to be in the final game. The red X's are weapons confirmed not to be in the final game. Squares with no symbol are unknown.

Note that this doesn't show the items completely new in Worms3d; for example, girders are out, but there's a nifty "bridge building kit" that you can enable in the demo that more than replaces its function.

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Posted by martin on 9/29/03 at 5:16PM


as far as getting it working in the first place, I had yet to try do I went to the file thingy again and remembered why I hadn't tried to download it before: Do I need to install BitTorrent or the like to download it?

Posted by brian on 9/30/03 at 9:48PM


for any .torrent link in fily thingy, you'll have to install bittorrent, then download the torrent file to your computer then double click on it. The server doesn't support the .torrent mime type so you have to do the download first..

Posted by matt on 10/1/03 at 7:06AM

I'd suggest...

Just going to the official site and looking for a good mirror. There's a leaked version that doesn't work very well making the rounds on the 'net, and you want to make absolutely certain you get the good one.

Posted by martin on 10/1/03 at 3:14PM

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