Speed Demon

If y'all have a second, and you haven't installed Flash Player 7, I'd appreciate if you'd help me with a quick test:

1) Open the old "The Tombs" game.

2) Move around; get a feel for the speed of it.

3) Try running my uber-debug copy which I just finished converting to Flash Player 7. (Spent nearly three hours tracking down two typos; Flash Player 7 is case-sensitive, unlike Player 6! Thank goodness for small favors: I thought version 6 was case sensitive, so the only things I had to change were actual typos that the case insensitivity let by.)

4) If you don't mind, please try installing the new player and give the new version a shot.

Two sets of questions:
- Did it automagically prompt you to upgrade your player? What did the window look like before you updated? What browser are you using?
- Is this faster, or is it my imagination? I can't go back and try the original out anymore, because it's now a Flash 6 movie running on the faster Flash 7 player.

Incidentally, this copy is pretty crappy; I was in the middle of several things and had lots of stuff disabled when I discovered Flash MX 2004 had been released. It's also in debug mode; you can't die, and you can press the number 1 (not on the numpad) to access the level design mode. If you want to play with the level design, open the panel, click "default", edit those values, and click "make". Rinse and repeat. Some values WILL crash the player, though; be forewarned.

I appreciate your help, guys. Hopefully, these speed increases, if I'm not imagining the whole thing, will help make the game more enjoyable. I may also be able to eke out even more speed if I rewrite large portions in ActionScript 2.0, but don't hold yer breath; it's a considerably different animal.

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Michael Moore responds to claims that "Bowling for Columbine" is fiction.

Interesting read; he's got a good command of the language. I haven't been following this whole deal much, so I don't know if he addresses all pertinent claims with relation to the film, but it does rather neatly cut down much of his opposition.

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