Come one, come all: stuff!

I'll be heading back to SLO on the 17th or 18th of this month, so anyone who had me bring stuff back for them probably needs to come get it sometime soon. If you can't make it, I can store it for longer, but I'd prefer to get it outta there.

Here's my list, off the top of my head. Some of this stuff might have been intended for Goodwill, I can't remember. The truck broke down so we didn't do a goodwill run; just brought everything back with us.

Papa-san chair - Chris
Lamps - Bryce
Glass table - Matt
Microwave - anyone want it? Got three now.

Blast, I know I'm forgetting a few things. I'll be over there in the next couple days and fill in the blanks, unless y'all remember what I'm forgetting.

Posted by martin on 9/2/03 at 8:16AM • linkcomment (9)

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