Warren Zevon

I woke up this morning to hear some sad, yet not unexpected news. Best known for his hit Werewolves of London, singer/songwriter Warren Zevon died in his sleep yesterday. Last August, he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given three months to live. He used this time to record The Wind, his final album. In a released statement last year, he said "I'm okay with it, but it'll be a drag if I don't make it till the next James Bond movie comes out." Not only did he make it to see the release, he made it to the DVD release, not to mention the birth of his first grandchildren and the release of his final album. Nine months after he was supposed to die.

The album is extremely powerful, and has been getting glowing reviews in the media (though it's a shame it took his illness to get his due in the mainstream). The album serves a goodbye to his friends, family, and fans, and includes an all-star list of guest appearances. In his final appearance on Letterman in October, he was asked, "From your perspective now, do you know something about life and death that maybe I don't know now?" Zevon replied, "Not unless I know how much you're supposed to enjoy every sandwich." The crowd went completely silent.

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Family Guy: The Movie

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