firefly dvd

on sale Dec 9; 4 discs. cool, huh?

Posted by jua on 9/27/03 at 8:43PM



I just peed a little.

Posted by martin on 9/27/03 at 9:12PM


I mean, yay!

Posted by martin on 9/27/03 at 9:13PM

Too bad, you're not a dog

If you were, you could make the dog look for "whoah, I'm a dog, and I can pee on anything without transcending social rules. yay" and then you wouldn't feel as bad. (From an ICQ conversation Martin and I just had)

Posted by bryce on 9/27/03 at 9:18PM

just a little more...

... information than I wanted on the matter.

Posted by brian on 9/28/03 at 10:04PM

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